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This company is a SCAM. They take your money, make you wait for 3 months and 5000 miles. Then once you try to use the Warranty they make up excuses NOT TO PAY. Like Pre-Existing condition, or Not a covered part. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

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  • Ro
      Nov 03, 2009

    This complaint does not have any details to back up the wording. Not a covered part. If something is not covered it is not part of your contract and the warranty company does not have to pay for it. This sounds to me like someone who was unsure what they purchased and now is looking for someone to blame. I am familiar with Tier One. They have contracts from basic powertrain to bumper/bumper. What did you buy and what actually broke on your vehicle? Maybe you where mistreated and maybe you were not. Name calling and slamming a company without the facts is just slander on your part.

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  • Ti
      Feb 23, 2010

    Tier one is refusing to grant my claims and put me in debt $1700.00 to the shop that took my car to. My policy began 30 days from the date of purchase and 1500 miles from the time of purchase. On the 33 day I took a road trip of about 1000 miles roundtrip and my check engine light came on. I took the car in and they file a claim for the transmission, waterpump, and headgaskets. Before they even inspected the car they denied it all for preexisting conditions. This company is definiately a rip off, a scam, & unethically designed. After a month of no return calls, I finally get a call telling me that in order to proceed any further I must autherize the shop to remove my transmission so they can inspect it. If they deny the claim I would have the pay the shop $1700.00 to put my transmission back together again. But they refused to go any further until I did, so I did give consent. The inspecter was pissed because he wanted to drive the car. So he took pictures and submitted them and a statement. Tier One sent the inspector out again the next day to take more pictures. Then they denied my claim. I would never do business with this company again ever! And I recommend that no one else uses them either. Tier One as put me in a big finacial debt and they refuse to take responsibility.

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  • Cs
      Apr 16, 2010

    Awful Awful customer service I'm not sure what was the biggest lemon the truck we bought or this warranty that has as much value as used toilet paper!! We bought the truck and after we got home the oil pressure would drop, so we took it to a mechanic and he said that the motor needed to be replaced. They sent someone out to the shop to look at the truck and then said they were DENYING the clain because someone had previously worked on the truck and it already had some problems. I asked the mechanic how long it had been since it had been worked on and he said by looking at it over a year ago and the only way to tell was by removing the oil pan and the valve cover. So now I am going the BBB route and then I guess the only thing left if that does work is the department of Insurance and then an attorney. Personally for me if your buying a car and this policy makes you feel more secure don't be fooled they aren't going to help you either..they already got their money and they don't care what they sold to you or if you want to waste a few hundred dollars I would recommed a good lighter and pan at least you will get to see the flames which is more than what Merdian Tier One Warranty is offering.

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  • Ag
      Nov 16, 2010

    THIS IS NOT A WARRANTY!!! It was sold as one but a warranty it is not... it is a company who takes your payments and gives your a credit towards future mechanical breakdown of your vehicle!!! and if for any reason they can deny your claim they can drop you from the policy and our out your money... How can you be dropped you ask??? if you bring you vehicle in because your starter or alternator stopped working and you cant prove that a certified shop performed oil changes or any other basic maintenance they request(which is determined by them on the spot) they can drop you for failure to hold up your end of the bargain!!! Even though your claim has nothing to do with you engine oil... Do not buy ANY of these "extended warranty's" they are not what they claim, read the fine print... and BTW if you paid $1, 800 for your "policy" and the repair is $3, 400 guess there the $1, 600 comes from!!! U guessed it, your hide!!!

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  • As
      Nov 25, 2010

    I have been in the automotive industry for over 30 years and have dealt with 100's of VSC/extended warranty companies. I find it simply amazing the people here that have purchased a policy, commonly known as a "policy holder", feel they were ripped off, taken to the cleaners, were screwed over, etc., when the plain and simple fact is, they/you were to ignorant, dumb, stupid or just plain lazy to take the time to actually read through your/their policy, and actually find out what you purchased. I also find it amazing that these people have no clue who US Fidelis and Tier One Warranty are. Had anyone checked out the BBB ratings, they will/would find that Tier One Warranty has an "A" rating and are simply a third party administrator who is located in Houston Texas. After doing some simple Google searches, I found that US Fidelis was at one time doing business as "Dealer Services", and "National Auto Warranty" who changed their name as the law suits accumulated, which all have or had an “F” BBB rating. Again, US Fidelis, Dealer Services and National Auto Warranty are all one in the same and are located in Wentzville MO. Bottom line here is - you bought a policy without doing your research as to whom you were purchasing a policy from, what their BBB ratings are/were, you failed to actually read through what you purchased, what the level of coverage is, what the limits of liability are if any at all, if there are any mandatory maintenance service intervals and who the: carrier, underwriter, obligor, and administrator are. I certainly understand you’re frustrated & embarrassed because of your ignorance, but I don’t see where your ignorance is the administrator's or sellers fault.

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  • Do
      Feb 25, 2011

    I also have purchased a warranty that is no good. They have refused to pay a claim. I have basically paid $2000.00 for nothing. Do not use this company.

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  • Do
      Feb 25, 2011

    I too was ripped off. Paid $2000.00 for a piece of paper. When my transmission started giving me trouible, I was told I had to produce 2 years of oil change receipts, which of course I could not produce, unless I scam them like they have done to me. If there is a class action lawsuit, sign me up!!!

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  • Sr
      May 12, 2011

    I purchased my contract in early 2009 from US Fidelis. The contract was turned over to Tier One. I've had nothing but problems with them. The first time I used them is when I needed a rebuilt transmission put into my car. It took them almost a month to come and look at the car before they approved it. The latest problem: I need an ignition cylinder, which is covered under my "Premium" package. Howevever, Tier One denied the claim, saying I'm no longer eligible for repairs under the contract because the "Limits of Liability" in the contractd state that "the dollar total of all beneifts paid or payable under this contract shall not exced the purchase price of hte vehicle paid by [me]." [I paid almost $15, 000 for the vehicle.] " The bernefits payable for any single repair or replacement shall not exceed the cash value of the vehicle ..." When I signed the contract with US Fidelity the terms: 60 months/80, 000 miles. I have that written on the "Miles Ahead Vehicle Service Contract" and the "Payment Plan Agreement" which was set up for me back in '09. I subsequently paid that off a few months later. U.S. Fidelis no longer handles this...they automatically transfer the calls to Tier One. I'm waiting for a phone call back from Tier One --- they're "looking into this." [protected]

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  • Ca
      Aug 31, 2011

    I had some problems with the warranty company at first. I had taken my car in for service because it was making a loud noises coming from the engine. The service guy stated that my car has three timing chains (Cadillac SRX) and that two of the chains had stretched. It would cost $2, 700.00 dollars to repair the vehicle. Dealership contacted Tier One. A week later I received a phone call from the dealership stating that I had to give them permission to do the repairs on the vehicle. The first thing that came to my mind after reading all the complaints was, "here we go again with more BULL S**T. I had to get the car fixed so I gave them permission to do the repairs. The inspector came out. Your not going to believe it but they did repair my vehicle :). I had to pay my $100.00 deductible and they said that the warranty did not cover coolant and gaskets. So I ended up paying out of my pocket $291.00. So with that being said I did not care about paying that when it cost $2, 700.00 to repair. I had to share this with all, because we never read about the good things that happen to us. So with that being said, thank you Tier One. I'm one happy customer :).

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  • Jd
      Jan 16, 2013

    I used to sell extended service contracts so I have vast knowledge of the things the administrators/brokers will do to get out of paying a claim or refunding your money after cancellation. Ultimately the blame falls on the consumer. Yes, the consumer. Doing your research is crucial when purchasing an "extended service contract." You must read the policy before purchasing it, do your research on both the administrator and broker, and finally compare prices. After working in a "boiler room-like" call center for a year applying high pressure sales tactics to any poor sap that was unlucky enough to get on my phone, I realized I needed to get into a new line of work. The best place to get a warranty is from the dealer when you purchase the vehicle, but even then the warranties are extremely over priced and will be worded so that the claim will have very little chance of getting paid. Most of the brokers that are selling these worthless products are located in my hometown of St. Louis/St. Charles, MO. There is around 100 still operating to be exact with the biggest (U.S. Fidelis) going bankrupt after false advertising and product issues. These fools thought it was alright to send mailers to people pretending to be BMW and Subaru saying that the consumer's warranty expired. The greed the owners of that company had was the worst I have personally encountered. I knew a lot of people that worked there and they said all they did was lie to the consumer to get the sale which was the same at the company I worked for. There was virtually no regulation so the salesman could pretty much say whatever they wanted. READ THE CONTRACT AND DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!

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  • An
      Aug 19, 2013

    what good is this site for? I would like to make a complaint against Tier one (US Fidelis). Where do I make a complaint at? I am having problems with them paying a claim. I read the complaints but it doesn't say where to complain at.

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  • Bi
      Dec 16, 2013

    Tier one warranty has to be the weakest warranty service in the business.I purchased a 80, 00 / 5 yr warranty back in 2008 for my truck.
    In the first part 2010 I had to use the warranty for a bad hub baring, It payed just like it said, my portion was $100.00, truck was replaced no problem.Now, just a few days ago I had to use the warranty again(rear wheel cylinders / front ball joints), Now mind you my warranty runs out Dec, 10TH, I called Tier One on Dec 2 to make sure everything was good as far as the warranty being good.I was told yeah my coverage was good until Dec 10, I took the truck to the shop, they fixed it, but tier one made them jump through hoops a little as far as getting back to them, but they did, An also gave them a confirmation number or work order number, Work was done everything was faxed back to Tier One, Here it is Dec 16th an the bill is still not payed, Now no one is returning my calls or the repair shops calls, not sure where to go from here They just left me hanging, I will be talking to a Lawyer friend to see if I rent a car, will they be on the hook for it also.They will be making this right, We did everything right an by their book we have faxes to them dated before Dec 10th, an all the work was done and submitted by Dec 6th, NOT SURE WHAT THEIR PROBLEM IS...

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  • Dr
      Jun 04, 2014

    Tier One Warranty was good in the past. A few weeks ago the dealership contacted the company and received the approval to fix the motor in my door, now that the truck is repaired the dealership nor myself can get a representative on the phone. My vehicle is done, and a payment is due, why am I and the dealership waiting on the phone for hours for a representative to answer. Is anyone working? This is discouraging to me and an embarrassment, because the dealership said that they have never experienced this before from a warranty company. In the past I would have recommended Tier One, but not today.

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