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Tier One Bank / Terrible bank

1 301 E. WashingtonClarinda, IA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 712-542-5605

I had an account with this bank, based out of Lincoln, NE. When I was about to move out of state, I called them to tell them I was closing it.

They said my final few dollars I had gotten it down to would be mailed to me. I never received it. I later discovered that they did not close the account at all.

They left my last few bucks in there, and then charged me a 25.00 fee for having too few dollars in my account. Then they charged me again for having too low of a balance.

This made it a negative balance, so they charged me again, which was too low, so they charged me again...etc., etc...

They did this until it added up to a negative amount of nearly 200.00! Then I got a letter telling me I was in overdraft and they were going to close my account if I did not pay it. My calls and letters were put on hold/ ignored.

Now that I need a new bank account where I live now, I find that I have been reported to ChexSystems for 'abuse of account and insufficient funds activity'. Two banks so far refuse to give me an account because of it.

My request to ChexSystems for more info merely nets me a letter saying what banks have asked for info on me, and how much I supposedly 'owe' to TierOne. The other banks say I need to pay TierOne the money they claim I owe and then have them send a fax to the new bank stating that I paid it.

It will be a cold day in hell before I pay for this non-existent 'abuse' of my account. For now I am using a Walmart prepaid debit card, and suggest others that are being screwed by the banks do the same.

TierOne did this deliberately, snowballing fees onto an account they knew was closed, and charging their fees to this closed account that they knew had no funds in it. It is all a scam; this is how this bank makes its profits.

Bank anywhere but here. The amount they will cheat you out of will far exceed the kitchenware, duffel bags, and other cheapo gifts they give you for opening an account with them.


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