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This product is horrible. After paying $40 and being hopeful that they really could "clean up my itunes library and remove duplicates", I am totally disappointed. The program made it through about 300 songs before it gave up the ghost and now won't do anything, it just hangs. I did get it to clean 300 songs supposedly, but the accuracy was horrible. It NEVER was able to remove ANY duplicates, which was my main reason for purchasing the product.

If you feel like throwing away $40, buy Tidysongs, otherwise, take your significant other out to dinner instead. I REALLY wish there was some program out there that was legit that can remove duplicates and clean up your songs. I tried Tuneup Media and they can clean but not eliminate duplicates, which I think is ridiculous that they don't even try to incorporate that feature.

Please don't fall into the same scam I did with Tidysongs, they have somehow mastered google and there is nothing but strategically positioned praise for them online, well, you need to know the real story, and now you do.

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      Mar 27, 2011

    This company is so unprofessionnal, their software doesn’t work, their billing system is such a mess that they can’t track your purchase even when you send them a copy of your CC statement and it is impossible to get a refund. Waste of time and money!

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