Ticket Tigerair: Jakarta-singapore-jakartano heart and no professionalism

We are very disappointed with Tiger Air rep in Indonesia. On Jan 12, 2015, Our uncle has suffered serious sickness and the doctor of one hospital in Jakarta advised him to have a bed rest for minimal 3 weeks due to his serious nerve problems. On Jan 16, we contacted Tiger Air office in Jakarta. The staff asked us to provide them with a letter from the doctor in the hospital and a copy of the prescription. On Jan 17, we emailed the Tiger Air Office in Jakarta together with the requested documents. But received no reply. On Jan 18, we resent the email. Still no reply. We decided to call the office and Aldo, the staff, picked the call and made things complicated by saying that the letter is not sufficient as a proof, he asked also about detailed personal information of the passenger. It's so weird as all the data should be there. Besides, our email is self explanatory. On Jan 19, we called again and Della, another staff, replied that it is the procedure to have detailed description of the sickness whereas they did not say like that before. It becomes like a circle of the devil without any clarity. We demanded that Tiger Air reply our email by return email but the staff said nothing. Today, we placed a call once more. Again, Aldo the staff, answered us n informed us that our request has been rejected by Tiger Air Singapore due to insufficient clarification from the doctor. It seems ridiculous. Our question is why Tiger Air Indonesia or Singapore do not send us a written statement as a reply to our email to them. Aldo the staff told us that Tiger Air never send any written reply to anybody. Is it true? We are sorry to say that Tiger Air IS NOT PROFESSIONAL at all in managing the serious case and unpredictable one. This is about illness. None wants to be sick. We have a problem but Tiger Air seems to give us more burdens. Tiger Air seems having lost their compassion and their professionalism in taking care of the problems facing by the passenger. WHAT A SHAME!!!

Jan 20, 2015

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