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This lady was the rudest person I have ever encountered. Not only did she allude to very rude personal remarks about me, but actually lowered her voice and one point and said you can just f--- off and hung up on me! i had tried to call back on the caller ID number but it was not a incoming business line.

I cant wait for her to call me again. I don't have the letter they sent me, but hopefully another one will come. She doesnt deserve to be working. The conversation was so weiered. Like she is a bi-polar crazy!

If you ever talk to her. record her calls and turn them over to an attorney!


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  • I
      Jul 22, 2009

    If you had paid your bill you wouldn't be with collections, idiot.

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  • A
      Sep 16, 2009

    Inbound Collector, it must be so nice to be you.

    Floating on your little cloud so high above us idiots that "chose not to pay our bills" (as if that was really the case) and pass judgment on those in collections. Comments like "borrowing money that you had no intention of paying back", calling people stupid along with other insults... it really seems like you're a wonderful person and deserving of such a high a noble position as sitting behind a desk on a phone calling and harassing people. I mean, you have to be very highly educated and experienced to earn a job as a "senior recovery executive" at a call center for a collections company, right?

    You want your companies to make a little money off of the debt that they bought for pennies on the dollar? I have a great idea:

    WORK WITH PEOPLE, not AGAINST them. Learn some respectable business practices. SOME people actually DO feel a responsibility to take care of their bad debts.

    If you insulted me like that to my face, I swear that I'd happily spend a night in jail for cracking your jaw. Try throwing insults over a phone while your jaw is wired shut.

    Get a sense of reality and learn some manners.

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  • M
      Oct 12, 2010

    I am appaulled by inbound collectors comments! I am also a collector but those words they put in type are NOT acceptable as a debt collector!


    As far as the original poster, I'm so sorry if someone told you that, and it makes me angry as well! Collectors like that give us a bad name and make it hard for the people who are actually trying to help to help because it puts good people on the defensive.

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