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Thyme & Sage Ranch


Puppy dies due to lies!

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Contact information:
Thyme and Sage Ranch
P.O. Box 1
Cazenovia, Wisconsin
United States
Phone: 608-604-5858
I recently purchased a puppy Thyme and Sage Ranch. My girlfriend and I drove 2 hours and we were filled with excitement and were very anxious! When arriving at the Ranch we felt a little lost because no one came to us we didn’t know exactly what the process was. We walked around and started looking for our little puppy. We went in the barn where there were many dogs and some of them were in dirty cages.
We went in the yard to look at the pens that were outside. There were about 10 puppies that were in a plastic pen outside that is where we found our little puppy, Beckham. Jennifer finally came over and we introduce ourselves and told them that we found our little puppy. When we were watching the puppies play in the yard, Jennifer decided to move the pen to a different location. When dragging the pen across the yard the hard plastic pen would go over the top of the puppies that would not move with the pen. The puppies started to cry and it was horrible to watch. Jennifer just kept on dragging like it was no be thing.
We then picked up Beckham and headed into the house, which we thought was her house but when we went inside we saw cages and puppies running around, puppies in dog food bags, and puppies locked in rooms. It was sad to see all the little puppies in the wire cages piled on top of each other. I did research when I got home and I learned that those little puppies that walked on wire changes would have damage to their paws.
We filled out the paper work and she had no papers or documentation that the puppy went to the vet or the history of the puppy. Jennifer just told us that he had his shots at 2, 4, and 6 weeks.
On the way home we noticed Beckham had very long nails and had a very bad odor. We thought that since he was with other puppies that is why he smells. But we thought that when you go to the vet they might request or even cut their nails.
When we got home we gave him a bath and had his nail cut. He seemed to be okay just a little nervous.
However, throughout the week he was very tired and slept 90 percent of the time. He did eat and drink water so we were not worried and thought that puppies just sleep a lot. As the week went on, he slept more and seemed a little weak at times. We took him to the vet and they said since he had his shots and we only had him for 5 days that it could just be stress from a new home.
Sadly, two days after that he was sluggish and very weak. We took him to the vet and he had to be hospitalized overnight. Sadly, Beckham passed away the next morning in the hospital.
When Beckham passed away they did a test of the feces. The doctor said that he was loaded with Roundworm and had Coccidia. The doctor said that Beckham had the Coccidia since we had him. That means the Jennifer does not take care of her puppies and that she lies.
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D  6th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
If I were you-I would correct your post. I was at the ranch the same time as you. I am not sure if you remember me. You both were young and giggly. Your above post is so exaggerated that I now realize how easy the internet can discredit and twist the truth. This was a wonderful experience for my family and our puppy is wonderful. I heard Jennifer advise you to follow-up on a worming program and to take a fecal to your vet. I see you went to the vet FINALLY-are you calling your vet a liar as well, seeming the cause was stress? You followed no directions as Jennifer outlined to you and made the facility sound terrible. Shame on you-but I blame this to your youngness. Please adopt a puppy when you are more mature and responsible. I am a witness to your adoption and was also at the facility same day. In my opinion-you are the liar.

Here is a news flash:
Puppies get worms. You should keep them on a program for upto 6 mths.

Parasitic worms are as common as fleas to dogs and, especially, to puppies. From the half-inch- long hookworms to the flat, segmented tapeworms that can reach three feet in length, But in most cases, worm detection is easy and treatment is effective.

However, ignoring possible symptoms and necessary treatments can lead to serious illnesses and sometimes even the death of your dog.

Next time-see a vet right away after taking in any pet. That is common sense. By the way, Jennifer was alot more patient w/ you then I would have been.
N  14th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
I am so sad to hear about the death of your puppy. My heart goes out to you. At least you were able to provide Beckham with the love he needed in his last days. You should feel comforted by that.

For what it is worth: I find it oddly interesting that nearly every bad post about Thyme and Sage Ranch (and there are several) is replied to by someone who just "happens" to be at the ranch the same exact time as the person who is complaining and just "happens" to see things in a whole different way. If the other person that was there at the same time was so happy with their dog, why in the world would they be looking at this site?

Think about it.
A  20th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
I do believe that this person is running a very unhealthy place guised as a rescue. The two "giggly girls" are both professionals and are not at all irresponsible. The only irresponsible person is the one running this place. And funny that if your experience was so good at this place you would be on this website. I believe you are the owner or a worker there as no one else would put a post on that says, "I was there when you were, and I remember you" seriously. Were you paying attention to your family at all?
N  21st of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
This post is such a lie...added to by your friends I am sure. The out building has kennels-not cages.
There is no stacked cages of puppies or dogs locked in rooms drama queen. However, because of your post-we did 30 adoptions last week-I volunteer there. THANK YOU!!! The public makes the final call and if there was a link to happy adoptions-there would be approx 437 vs these few posts where people exaggerate the truth. I also saw you two girls there, and I did not see professional. I also saw the email you sent to this organization thanking them and the wonderful pictures of your puppy sitting inbetween pumpkins. At first, I was furious w/ these made-up, exaggerated posts-but it has backfired on you...We get more people checking us out and adopting then ever before...for that THANK YOU!!!
A  24th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
Ah, so I was right. That is no suprise to anyone.
D  26th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
I never thought that I would ever post on one of these things but I am so angry with what has occured here that I must make a statement. Perhaps the reason that the "young giggly" girls were remembered so easily was for the same reason that the young and old are often taken advantage of by others i am sure many people have heard the expression "they saw them coming a mile away". Now with that being said i am also a friend of those two young girls. I agree with one statement that was made by jolene yes puppies do get worms, especially when they are not vaccinated properly. I spoke with a reputible breeder and dog owner about this situation and got some information about how these things happen. If the puppies are not imunized properly by a vetrinarian and the breeder or in this case "rescue" used products that can be purchased at any farm supply store may not properly address the health needs or worms that may be present. This was also touched on above that there are countless types of worms that can be picked up by dogs. Coccidia specifically is spread from one dog to another and takes time before it is so bad that a puppy would become lethargic and subsequently die. The main reason that the "rescue" was informed of this was so that they could inform other people who got dogs around the same time that they may want to have their dogs checked or rechecked so no one else had to suffer the pain and agony that these two "young and giggly" girls had to go through. Were they inexperienced pet owners? Perhaps. Isn't it enough that they had to bury a little dog that they were obviously very excitied about. Do they have to continue to be berated by friends of this "rescue". I think this is completely unnecessary.
N  28th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
OK, you did 30 adoptions last week, people say you are charging between $175 and $350.
So, even at the very low price of $175 X 30 that makes $5250.00, and at 5% sales tax, $262.50 should go to the state.
You refer to 437 "happy adoptions", and at a very conservative price of $200 each, that would bring $95, 000.00 with a tax liability of $4, 750.
I wonder if you keep receipts on all the dogs you buy, and sell, and your state tax.
I know you don't have any overhead on the dogs except the crappy food you give them. No vet care, no shots, especially considering how many have dies in the last 3 months due to Parvo.
By the way, Nice video of you buying more dogs at the Horst Dog auction!
If you were such a great rescue, why were all of the other rescues yelling at you, calling you a "broker" and why was your face hidden, and why wouldn't you talk to the press? Jennifer!
D  2nd of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
It's very unfortunate that some people have had a bad experience with Thyme & Sage, but I feel those of us who have not should also share our opinions. I adopted a poochon from Jennifer that is the sweetest dog on the planet. The only health issue that she had was an ear infection. She was a puppy mill dog used for breeding and very apprehensive about contact with people. She is precious and sweet and all she wants is the love she never had. I would never hesitate to adopt a dog like this and wish I had known about Thyme & Sage years ago before I bought a Westie from a breeder. I think the problems arise because Jennifer is overwhelmed with too many animals and not enough help. She works full time and has too much to do after. If an animal is thin or not in perfect health, the puppy mills that they came from are probably responsible, not Jennifer. I agree that shots are not as up to date as they need to be, but I think her heart is in the right place, trying to help these animals that come from horrible conditions. As far as what she charges for the animals that are adopted, with the overwhelming responsibilities she has, she couldn't be making any money. My nephew also adopted a Jack Russell from her that has no health issues and they are very satisfied.
A  2nd of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
I really enjoyed the FOX Channel 9 video of you purchasing dogs from the Hurst Dog Auction. Hmmm, why hide if you are so proud of what you do?
N  3rd of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
I wonder also about the fact that if this "rescue" has so many animals, that Jennifer would be seen on Fox News "buying" more? Why wouldn't you take care of the already overwhelming amount of animals you have? Just a thought for those of you who seem to think she is doing the right thing? Animals are dying from the lack of proper vet care and food at her rescue, why take on more? Just a question folks.
N  4th of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
Ok after reading all of these posts I find it very interesting that people feel caught between what they are seeing when they go and what they are being told.I too have been to Thyme and Sage Ranch and have adopted dogs.The first time we went out I was over whelmed by the number of dogs.To be clear when we walked in the house, the dogs were all divided(by sex) and gated in different rooms.And yes some of the puppies were in stacked cages.The house was disgusting and the floor in the bedroom covered with mold(from all the feces) with blankets on top.The smell both in the house and the out door building was horrendous.We ended up adopting a sweet, adult Cocker spaniel.We were told when we purchased her that she would need everything and Jennifer estimated she was about 2. After taking her to the vet, paying for all of her shots, worming and making a spay apt we were also told we would need to pay to have her teeth cleaned as they were so bad she must be in pain especially when she eats.We were also told she was underweight, was suffering from chewing lice and the vet estimated she was about 7 years old.Jennifer stated she had her for a couple of months.I must say our girl is the sweetest dog we have ever had.I ended up going back, about 2 weeks later, my friend was looking for a dog and we had considered getting a second one for our family.This time when we arrived there was all new flooring(in the house) and some of the puppies were in baby playpens.Jennifer also mentioned that alot of her puppies were now in foster care.Jennifer also told us she has a vision for the rescue, she just has to get there.My friend and I did leave with dogs.We confronted Jennifer about how cold the outside building was especially for all the small dogs.Jennifer told us she has planned to bring in more hay to build little igloos for warmth.I do have one LARGE concern...why are there dogs who have open wounds...or are obviously sick in the cold and have not seen a vet.Dogs that only way 10 pounds or less that are so terribly matted or injured that she says she has had for a few months! My cousin who also visited the rescue was amazed by the number of people, she was there the weekend Jennifer told her she had sold 30 dogs.My cousin was looking for a particular breed and after talking to Jennifer found out she had more puppies at her house.Still not being the breed she was looking for Jennifer said she also had some near hillsboro, she could run and get.I find it disturbing that every week she has more and more baby puppies of popular breads selling close to $300.Most of which have not seen a vet.The adults who have not been spayed or neutered.With that amount of money coming in, couldn't she heat that out building in some way for these dogs.Or take them to see a vet. I do think that after talking to Jennifer her heart does seem to be in the right place but also after seeing what money she can bring in just in a day.It does raise some alarming questions.She needs to work on saving the dogs she currently has... before taking in anymore.Put the money towards the dogs, before purchasing more.I find it so hard...we love our dogs and they are a great fit.But we want to be "donating" our money to a rescue...saving dogs. Not a broker.The thought of rescuing from a puppy mill is an outstanding task and would be proud to be a part of, but watching her get in more and more puppies selling for that price when adult dogs are out in the cold with wounds, I find very questionable.I do agree with the cause of adoption...maybe as the funds roll in the place will clean up?
N  4th of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes

Here is the fox News link to that story, I think everyone who wants to know info about the "rescue" needs to see this.Really makes u wonder...
A  18th of Apr, 2009 by    0 Votes
I agree with these people! I did not purchase a puppy from Thyme & Sage but I had thought about it. It was very hard to get a hold of anybody & seemed very disorganized. That concerned me. I also thought it was odd that you have to pick which dog you want BEFORE you go to your appointment??? How do you know you love the dog without seeing it? What happened to just visiting the shelter & meeting the animals? The prices are also outrageous! She always talks about puppy mills, if you ask me, she is running one! I would hate to bet that she isn't financing the puppy mills at a reduced rate & selling them for more money. Don't you find it funny like the previous person said, that she has tons & tons of "designer" pups, the kind everybody wants? and they go for so much money?? Why would a breeder give them up for nothing? I could see them giving up the older ones that don't breed anymore but the puppies? & they continuously come in??? I smell scam & fraud. As far as their little nasty comment (speaking of unprofessional!) about inexperienced buyers, everybody gets their first dog at some point, you aren't born knowing everything but I don't think 5 days is too long to wait by any means!!! A reputable breeder tells you to take your new puppy to a vet within the first week, I know because that is what the breeder told me where I bought my dog. They also guarantee them for at least that long! If a puppy was so sick it dies in 5 days, it probably would have died anyway & it SURE DIDN'T get worms that bad in 5 days, it came that way!!! No, I don't know these people that posted, I just thought Thyme & Sage sounds pretty nasty to some poor patrons that lost quite a bit of money & suffered a broken heart. A reputable business, especially one that is "in it for the animals, not money" would at least offer them a replacement, not insult them! After all, aren't they just trying to rehome these abused animals? I am just glad I went to a breeder, isn't that sad?? You can't even count on the so called "rescues". Well, that is my 2 cents worth, attack away if you feel it necessary but that is how a true outsider looks at the situation, no matter who was actually there when they bought the puppy & how giggly they were (giggling is a sign of happiness, what is so bad about it anyway??? I don't get that unless finding something to attack THEM about made you feel better?).
N  15th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
(_/) cute bunny . . . . .
( '- ' )
N  15th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
????? bunny did not turn out . . .how bout this one . . .
( ' ' )
N  15th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
nope still not . . ..
N  19th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
Fianlly, Thyme and Sage Ranch raided on May 19, 2009:
N  19th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
Well folks its finally over! The truth prevails and she has been shut down. For those of you who supported this.. shame on you all. For those of you that helped to shut this down, congrats on saving the animals that are left!! You are all heroes in my eyes!! A job well done.
A  20th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
Thank you for being the first to speak out against this "sanctuary". Something was not right in his eyes, and he let it be known. It is our DUTY to speak out when something does not seem right - especially when it affects those who cannot speak for themselves - like animals. I applaud the first complaintant and thank everyone who has the spine to speak out against the mistreatment of animals. Don't be afraid just because it is a "sanctuary". If you run a respectable operation, you won't end up shut down.
N  22nd of May, 2009 by    0 Votes

May 21, 2009
Update on the ASPCA Raid in Wisconsin

Jennifer Petkus, founder of Thyme and Sage Ranch in Cazenovia, Wis. was charged today at Richland County courthouse with 11 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty and 5 forfeitures. Misdemeanors included improper shelter and mistreating animals by intent or negligent violation. Ms. Petkus signed a $10, 000 signature bond today. Arraignment is set for May 29 at 1:00 P.M.

The ASPCA has been on the scene with its forensics and animal response teams, as well as its Mobile Animal Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit, since the raid of the property took place on Tuesday. Approximately 374 animals were discovered during the execution of the search warrant, led by the Richland County Sheriff’s department. The ASPCA is evaluating animals found at the site and collecting evidence for the prosecution of the criminal case, as well as lending the services of its special forensic cruelty investigation team, comprised of disaster animal rescuers and field service investigators.

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