Thunder Bay Police / frivolous and vexatious expenditures

1 Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

all those electricity bill, green or do you all think we can afford to pay through the nose? all the time patiently waiting for dawna lawr ouwe to dock herself 6 cents for stinking of hooch, highway robbery, heavy dry cleaning bills, and her employees kumquats. ...Why would tbp pay for her holy days on the coast ? is it another holy war you back; is it another clean bomb, a clear cut for good relations with the south, a strip mine while you get fat on the hog hersel', ??? You guys are burning up your kids owe zone your so fond of her roaman' rights...she be right up the wall and in the coroners cleaning like it wasn't germ warfare atomic bomb of a rotten job...for the rest of us about police service for dummies, civilians, citizens, the rest of us non millionaires...your kids?


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