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Please help me on this issue.

I sincerely think that this is customer exploitation

I had been to eternity mall, thane (W) at the food court on 2nd floor.
There i went to an open joint called 'lets chaat'
There i ordered for a thumps up tin can which had the mrp printed on it as rs. 20 / - but the lets chaat employee charged rs. 30 / - from me.
There was no point in arguing as they wouldnt listen, its an old story and you know that.
I dont understand what is the value of mrp in india.
Here any tom, dick, or harry charges above the mrp.
It may be due to the cooling charge or as in this case the outlet is in mall.
In my case, no service was given by the lets chaat guys. It was self service.

For your convenience i've taken the snapshot of the 'bill / reciept' and sending it to u as an attachment.
In that he has referd to thumps - up tin can as "cold drink + glass" when all he gave us is a thumps tin can (Mrp rs. 20) & charged rs. 30 instead.

I think he didnt refer 'thumpsup tin can' in the print receipt as he wants to play it safe if such a complaint occurs.

Pls help

Thumps up tin can


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      Aug 21, 2011
    thumps up - duplicate product

    there is many duplicates of this brand is avaliable in market.there is no taste in product.

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