Thule-tracracNon-delivered parts

I ordered a Trakrac/Thule component truck rack from autoanything, as well as several other parts. It is past one month now and they still have not shipped the Overhead rack. I understand that mistakes happen but most of the customer service staff either dismissed this missing item as a shipper issue or manufacturer issue. Either way I still do not have the part and I paid autoanything. It is Autoanything's responsibility to make sure the correct part(s) are delivered to the customer. This is there sole purpose as an internet company.
I have made no less than 12 phone calls and repeated emails. I have been repeatedly told that these part had or was being shipped. I feel that lack of follow thru and untruths are totally unacceptable.. If i had just stuck with a local merchant this would all have been installed weeks ago. I also had a small return that took 6 phone calls and several emails, also.
My suggestion, use a local merchant or order from some one else.

Jan 23, 2015

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