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THSALES.COM / rip off they steal and never return money

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I've used thsales in the past like around a year ago but something seriously happened to their management. People are paying for services or game money and not receiving anything in return. I had paid them to lvl my character about 40 lvl's they got my account banned!Blizzard told me it was specifically for botting.. That they detected a botting program. THsales just kept saying talk to blizzard and "sorry for the inconvenience" and nothing every got resolved. If you purchase anything at it's pretty much just kissing your money goodbye.

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      3rd of Feb, 2008
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    i paid them to powere lvl one character 1-40 they did good and fast. so i thnen paid for 3 more to getdone 1-50. they said theyed get it done in 10 days and give exra gold as a discount. 7 days into it i logged in and see that one one was at lvl 10.

    i contacted them and they got on it. day 10 all 3 only lvl 30 and i have been playing for 20 hrs on my other accout which i can see when thier logged in thought freinds list. and they weren't but i couldn't log in to the account to check progress. they weren't lvling so i investigated and found them on another server in the trading area selling things.

    i contacted thier manaager telling him/her that i for one was suppose to get all 3 characters back at lvl 50 be today and thier lvl 30. plus the odd selling on other account. 12 hrs later they started lvling again.

    8 more days of seeing them not lvling much and on other server, i kept contating manager and he kept saying he'll get him to work. and offered more gold.

    so 10 days late no extra gold , and best of all they lvled one of the wrong characters. again i contact the manager. he said hes sorry. what can he do. i said get them to lvl the right one. he begs for more money i finnanly agree on half price, plus he said lots of gold to comonsate, 5 more days pass. lvl 30 only , i get a bit mean and threated to call my credit card company. he gets then on it fast. 2 more days lvling done they give ccount back .

    but of cousre no extra gold. not even a little armor weapons and only lvl 1-5 spells

    i'll never deal with them again.

    gold sales from them in past took 1-2 days. theyed give me half per day sometimes. i didn't mind much. but i can't help be think they cheat the gold and lvling. if you buy from these guys and loose your accounts. your own fault... research company names to see if its safe.

  • Op
      30th of Apr, 2008
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    Look don't complain or cry when you get ripped off by gold/powerleveling sites. For 1 its a breech in the terms of service of Blizzard and any other companies games. An its listed if people bother to read it, so if you get banned or ripped off its your own fault. If you are to lazy to play and lvl your own bloody characters don't play the bloody game.

  • Ma
      28th of Jun, 2010
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    I paid for 50 gold on Lotro on June the 6th I asked for a in person delivery. they didn't have stock which happens so i waited got 37 gold delivered on the 9th so i thought things where going good. i tried logging in on the 11th and my account was banned for 2 weeks, TH sales had sent the remanding gold thru the in-game mail system showing there true incompetence. so i chatted with the manager and they said try chatting to turbine (no luck there turbine didn't even reply)and i waited my 2 weeks out. got my account back an Th sales still didn't have stock left so ok wait some more. So I'm at work making money when th sales calls saying the gold is ready for delivery, i tell them i cant get on now hold the gold for 6 hours so i can go home. Get home and of course there incompetence shows yet agen by giving the gold way and not having the stock any more. There complete lack or customer service and stupidity should be looked at and no one should every buy from them agen.

    P.S. the way i look at is im not paying for the property of wow or lotro just the hours worked, like tipping the delivery boy for pizza

  • Po
      7th of Aug, 2010
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    TH Sales is definitely ripping people off and lying about it. If your worst nightmare is paying good hard earned money for something and having somoene take your money and not provide the service, and give the run around about refunding your money, then this is the one for you. Otherwise, I have no idea who to use now days. I can just tell you that TH Sales is definitely a rip off.

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