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Folks - read all of the issues with ThSale and do not make the same mistake I did. I had them power level for me to 70. I did not log in, followed all of their rules to the letter. Then I get a "You are permanently banned" letter from WOW. I call up ThSale and they direct me to their email address, who directs me to their online customer service, who gives me the runaround.

Conversations are as follows:

21 Nov. 2007.

PL-Filippo: Hello, nice to meet you! How may I help you?
velera: hi, we spoke earlier I had two quick questions in regards to the refund you said.
PL-Filippo: yea.
velera: 1) are you the person who approves the refund, or is it someone else
PL-Filippo: its our boss.
PL-Filippo: im just a employee.
velera: Alright, what is his name and how can I speak to him.
PL-Filippo: ..sorry sir.
PL-Filippo: you know thats the secret.
velera: There are no secrets, I am asking to speak to the approving authority of your refunds in accordance to your guidance from your own webpage.
velera: If your game account is banned during our powerleveling service, please contact the Blizzard Company firstly to get your account back, we will try our best to assist you at the same time. If not, you can choose to refund or reset a character, and then we will rearrange your order.
PL-Filippo: yes.
velera: that is from your page, if you are not the approving authority then put me in contact with him so the matter can be resolved now, not in a week.
velera: It does not take a week to refund, just as it does not take a week to pay.
PL-Filippo: yes.
PL-Filippo: but our boss is not here.
velera: When is your boss going to be there.
PL-Filippo: afraid that i cant help you right now.
velera: When will your boss be there.
PL-Filippo: 1 week i think i had tell you.
velera: your boss does not leave for a week at a time.
PL-Filippo: yes he will.
velera: When will your boss be there, and what is the contact information that I can speak to him personally.
velera: because you are lying.
PL-Filippo: 1 week.
velera: I am trying to make this very simple. I would like to speak to your boss, manager, or whoever is the approving authority. Please provide me with his contact information.
velera: What day, and what time.
PL-Filippo: 1 week i just can tell you this.
PL-Filippo: course as a employee i cant know the status of our boss.
velera: As an employee you KNOW the contact information for your boss.
PL-Filippo: im a new a employee.
velera: which you are refusing to provide me with, as you said "this is the secret".
PL-Filippo: so im very sorry.
velera: You are lying again.
velera: You already told me "it was the secret".
velera: New employees and all employees have the contact information for their boss.
PL-Filippo: "it was the secret"dont mean i know the number.
velera: Again, you are lying.
velera: Transfer me to another representative Filippo.
velera: If you choose to test me on this matter, I will contact my credit card company and report your company for fraud.
PL-Filippo: im sorry sir.
velera: Do not give me the run around. In accordance with your company information and your guidance, I have provided all the details and even had your agreement that the matter would be refunded for services not rendered in accordance with our contract.
PL-Filippo: no sir.
velera: Now you are lying to me and giving me the run around.
PL-Filippo: why did you say this?
velera: Your page explicitly states that in the event of a ban, I have the choice of a refund or reset character.
velera: No questions asked, do you agree with this?
PL-Filippo: of course.
velera: Now I am here providing you with my decision and you will not give me a straight answer, will not put me in contact with your supervisor, will not let me know his contact information, and will not honor my request.
velera: So I have two choices, either you honor my request, or i will be contacting my credit card company.
PL-Filippo: im honestly but i really dont know.
velera: Filippo, understand that I am being 100% serious.
velera: The time is now 1328 on 21 November 2007.
PL-Filippo: im serious as you are.
velera: If in seven days, at this time, on 28 November 2007 I have not received the refund in full per your webpages' agreement, I will be contacting my credit card company to report the fraud and have them personally take the money back.
PL-Filippo: yea..
velera: I also expect to receive an email stating that the refund has been given.
velera: Is that clear enough?
PL-Filippo: i will try my best.
PL-Filippo: very clear.
velera: You do not have to try, you and your company need to honor their agreement.
PL-Filippo: honestly.
PL-Filippo: i see.
velera: Filippo, I am saving all correspondence on this matter. Do the right thing.
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to ########## at the end of your chat.

9 Dec 2007.

velera: Hello.
Rainy: Hello, nice to meet you! How may I help you?
velera: I spoke to filippo who assured me that I would have money refunded by the 28th in regards to your webpage.
velera: which has not occured.
velera: nor have I been sent the follow up email.
velera: it is now december 9th, I can explain the situation again if you would like.
Rainy: May i know your order number or paypal email address for checking please?
velera: paypal email address is #######.
velera: order number, one second.
velera: #######
velera: receipt ID is #######
velera: if that helps
Rainy: gold or powerleveling?
velera: power leveling.
Rainy: Ok, one second ,iwill transfer you to someone who can give you more help for powerleveling.
info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'PL-Smile'.
info: You are now chatting with 'PL-Smile'
PL-Smile: Hello, nice to meet you! How may I help you?
velera: hello.
velera: Smile, I'm not going to lie, at the moment I feel like I am once again getting the run around from this company.
velera: so please prove me wrong.
velera: I have now been forwarded twice and waited over three weeks for a power leveling refund that was promised by Filipo to be done on the 28th of November.
velera: my paypal email address is ###########
PL-Smile: hi.
velera: my purchase order is: ########
PL-Smile: i see.
velera: the short and the sweet is that the account was permanently banned by the actions of the leveler. Your website states that in the event of a ban you can have the leveler restart on a new account, or you can get your money refunded.
velera: as I told filipo, the leveler got the account to level 40.
velera: I am more than content to pay for that services to that point.
velera: but appreciate the refund for the other services which were not completed.
velera: and "in a week i will take care of it" is not an acceptable answer from filipo.
velera: nor is "I don't know my boss' name, or phone number, and I don't know when he will get back".
velera: or as he put it when I asked for his supervisors contact information, "that is the secret" and refused to give it out
velera: so if I cannot get assistance from you, I will simply be contacting my credit card company, which means your service loses all of the money instead of just some of it.
velera: so please assist me, I'm asking for the refund in regards to specifically what your webpage states as your TOS.
PL-Smile: i see.
PL-Smile: maybe you can contact filipo next time.
velera: I have already spoken to him twice.
velera: you are customer service for power leveling.
velera: either you can help me, or I am picking up my phone and calling my credit card company to report fraud.
velera: it is as simple as that.
velera: so, please assist me as it is your job, and as your website states it is supposed to.
velera: why is this difficult to understand?
velera: your website garuntees "reset account or refund" in the event of a ban.
PL-Smile: sorry im busy now.
velera: what do you mean you are busy.
velera: this is your job.
velera: I'm asking you to do it.
PL-Smile: i see.
PL-Smile: but can you contact me later.
velera: when is later.
velera: As I said, I have already been given the run around by your company.
velera: you are simply following suit.
velera: why would you need to wait until later to simply check the purchases, and refund the amount.
velera: that is unacceptable "smile".
PL-Smile: i see.
velera: Please take care of it now, and the matter will be resolved.
velera: or I am contacting my CC company now.
velera: it is your choice.
PL-Smile: i see.
velera: obviously you do not, so make your decision.
velera: assist me now and refund the money.
velera: or be reported for fraud and I will have my credit card company take it back from you themselves.
velera: all of it.
PL-Smile: sorry i cant do that.
velera: why not.
velera: your webpage clearly states that you cna.
velera: and you are the person I was directed to for power leveling.
velera: so, why can you not refund me the money that you are obligated to do so via your own Terms of Service.
PL-Smile: sorry.
velera: for what.
velera: for not honoring your websites agreement?
velera: sorry for what.
velera: go ahead and say it "smile".
PL-Smile: sorry i have no time.
velera: I am keeping a record of all communications on this matter.
velera: I will be providing it to my credit card company.
velera: thank you for proving to me how worthless your customer service and company is and refusing to honor the refund in your own Terms of Service.
PL-Smile: ok!

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  • Ky
      10th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    For the record - I took it to the next level and disputed the charges on paypal. I will post how successful this is.

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