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1 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Review updated:

Do not buy powerlevelling from they have terrible support assistants, who give you bad assistance if they give you any at all, and also, i ordered powerlevelling for my WoW account from them, and they got it banned! luckily it was only a 72 hour ban. they claim to not use any bots when they level but that is a lie, it would be impossible to level at the rate they do without the use of a third party software. they did not tell me they were using bots, even when i asked if they used bots or not, and obviously, Blizzard does not ban accounts that level legitimately without botting.

Overall, i would not recommend this website, in fact, i believe they should be shut down because of their lies and shoddy service.

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  • Mo
      18th of Jan, 2008
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    try to contact your bank and dispute the charge. If they never delivered what you ordered, you have every right to dispute these rice-eating bass turds

  • Sh
      7th of Jul, 2008
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    I agree with it all!! I had an account, bought an 1-70 with full S3 and more... epic flying .. the who ### .. payed $309USD! My account got an 72 suspension with a final warning .. talked to them... gave the 10 names who would watch the PL .. that it was not a bot... but they still botted!!! Got it banned... then ... after 3 weeks of talk in dispute through paypal, Thsale had the dispute closed for review, where paypal gave them the benefit, with the talk that they only deal with problems regarding products... not of an not done service...

    Then .. after 1 more month I finally got in contact with a manager who would be a niice guy and offer me 4000 gold an compensation ( witch cost $65USD)!!!

    AND... gave me the drill about "I should have known that blizz don't agree with powerleveling, and if I order it would happen" and more.. If I wanted, I could hire a lawyer that would cost alot .. they had their own lawyers that was no problem, he was wondering if I really WANTED to go through with all that hazzle, and loose more money... or just settle with 4000 gold and go on with my life!!

    I wonder .. is there any way at all to make us able to close this company forever???

    I'm in ... in any way I can if it is!!!

  • Do
      15th of Sep, 2008
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  • Kr
      1st of Oct, 2008
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    The site looks fantastic- and that is where it ends. I know people who have ordered in game money and been very pleased. My experience however is different. I payed for powerleveling (Booo, do it yourself, I know I know) I payed $129.99 for WoW 1-70 and sent another $100 to have it done within a week... I checked the status through their online chat every other day. A week into it, my character was only level 26- they apologized and offered gold to compensate... I reluctantly agreed. I visited the site numerous times within the next month asking them to please hurry or refund the $100 I payed for the fast service.

    My account was banned (know that I DID NOT log on at ALL during the leveling process) I was able to recover the account- when I approached THSale this time, they told me to give them the new password, and to trust them that it would not happen again.

    They explicitly state that there is a risk of your account being banned- however they also explicitly state they DO NOT use 3rd party programs to level characters... A week later my account was permanently banned for guess what? ABUSE OF A THIRD PARTY PROGRAM...

    They then pleaded with me to contact Blizzard and say that my account was hacked and it wasn't my fault... After that I had it.

    They offered that if I bought another account they would level a character in normal time to 60... this was not acceptable compensation. At this point I was out 229.99 and over a month of waiting and hours and hours of time spent in their online chat with people who only type broken english and have no contact with their managers.

    I disputed both payments on Paypal, and though I provided an ample amount of evidence they could not refund my money because it is virtual items...

    This business is the WORST I have ever dealt with... I have been a member of Paypal for three years and this was the first dispute I ever made...


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