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THsale has not delivered any money and tries its best to blame Blizzard for a faulty mail system, although WOW's mail is spot on accurate. To deliver, THsale will try to convince you to give them your login and password for safe delivery. Just do a search on THsale's track record on this, and note that others have found their accounts hacked into after giving Thsale their account information. Stay away at all costs.

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  • Le
      9th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes - they aren't going to give me a refund ($464.99) as I thought they said they would do earlier tonight -- someone please help me. I'm a 19 year old college student, I can't afford this. She is being ridiculous.

    I guess I will share the conversation so far, with the live support from the website. Just because it's infuriating me that she can't speak English and she isn't willing to give me back the money that shouldn't have been given to her in the first place. (Excuse me, I'm just quite upset right now.) I don't blame you if you don't read it all. I don't have the brain power to shorten it right now (guhh)

    alisa: Hi Mary, I hope I'm not being annoying! I've just been waiting for the refund to come through and I haven't seen any change yet with my Paypal account. I'm not sure, does it take a while to show up?
    Mary: let me check for you nwo
    alisa: thanks =)
    Mary: hello
    alisa: hi
    Mary: do you mean you want us to refund all the $400 to you
    alisa: yes, all the 464.99, because i did not purchase it (someone hacked my account and purchased it)
    alisa: that would be very very wonderful
    Mary: but sorry ,maybe we got misunderstanding
    alisa: Can I clarify anything?
    Mary: i mean we got one order of by your paypal email your gave me before and the payment about the order have been charged back
    alisa: so you refunded the 464.99, you are saying?
    alisa: the email was - just to clarify in case there was a misunderstanding
    Mary: sorry ,we are not able to refund the dollars to you
    alisa: why?
    Mary: because we have paid for the payment
    alisa: that doesn't make sense?
    alisa: have you already given me a refund, or you can't give a refund at all (ever)?
    Mary: someone ordered from us ,we don't know he is a cheater ,soi we send the gold he ordered to him. so are we wrong ?
    alisa: yes, because he used my bank account (via my paypal account)
    alisa: this is my money he used without my permission, i don't even know who he is
    Mary: yes,someone used your paypal account to order from us
    Mary: but we didn't know that
    alisa: right, of course you didn't, i know.
    alisa: but are you just going to let someone steal another person's money to buy from you?
    Mary: we don't know he is a stealer ,you should know that ]
    alisa: i know that he is because it was my paypal account... .. .. !
    alisa: i don't understand what's confusing here?
    alisa: please mary, if someone used your paypal account (hacked into it) to pay some website almost 500 dollars, wouldn't you want a refund as well?
    Mary: so don't you think you should contact the person who steal your paypal account
    alisa: I don't know who hacked into it - I don't know this person. It was hacked, which means I don't know the person. They also hacked into my email, which is how they hacked into my Paypal. If I could contact them, I would.
    Mary: sorry to hear your problem
    Mary: but we really are not able to refund the payment to you
    alisa: Could you please explain why?
    Mary: because we have paid for that.
    Mary: do you understand please
    alisa: Mary.
    alisa: This is ridiculous.
    Mary: ok
    alisa: Nearly 500$ of MY money has been spent by someone that I don't know.
    Mary: let me explain again
    alisa: And you aren't going to help me get my money back?
    Mary: really i want to help you
    Mary: but do you know if someone paid something from you for the money what he stollen from otheres
    Mary: from other people's pocket
    Mary: we don't know the money he paid is stollen from others and also we have no right to know
    Mary: so we give the goods he bought to him
    alisa: can you take those goods back?
    Mary: you know the sales we take is occured in website and we have no right to know all his right information in real life
    alisa: do you really think someone would buy from you, and then come back and say "someone hacked my account, take away what i bought from you and send me back my money?"
    alisa: did he share his name?
    alisa: because if his name is different than alisa ****, than that might be proof (although he knows my name so he could probably use it as well)
    Mary: we beliver you of course
    Mary: and please believe our honest
    Mary: we have not any way to contact the people who stollen your paypal account
    alisa: Okay. Where did you deliver the goods to? ?
    Mary: we deliever the gold ingame
    alisa: is there any way you can take the goods away?
    Mary: and we just can find out one order by the email you gave me
    Mary: sorry there is no way can take away the gold
    Mary: the goods have been in another's pocket
    alisa: So you just expect me to deal with losing 500 dollars and move on? I'm a 19 year old college student, I can't even afford this.
    Mary: sorry to hear that
    alisa: Mary. I'm not going to just give up 500 dollars and move on.
    alisa: You need to know this.
    alisa: This isn't going to be easy.
    alisa: (for you) if you can't work with me on this
    alisa: And I don't want to be mean
    Mary: i know that and understand you
    alisa: But really, that's my money that you have now, wrongfully, and I have to do something about it.
    Mary: and i really want to help you to get back all the money you missed
    alisa: If you really want to, then why don't you?
    Mary: but
    Mary: you know and i explained several times
    Mary: we have no right to do that
    Mary: and don't you know we have not responsibility to give back the money to you
    Mary: your money was not stollen by us
    alisa: are you the owner of
    Mary: no , i am just an operator
    Mary: it is not the point of the problem
    alisa: but any decent company would recognize the mistake here and would refund the money, as it is their responsibility to not accept stolen money
    alisa: how can i contact the owner, to which the money goes to
    Mary: sorry sir
    Mary: do you understand that your money is not stollen by our company
    alisa: yes, but you have accepted stolen money. it is not your money to have, because it was not authorized by the owner of the money.
    Mary: but we didn't know at that time
    alisa: of course, i know that.
    alisa: but now you do.
    alisa: how can i contact the owner.
    Mary: but we have sent the goods of the money we got
    alisa: I understand. I know. You should take it back. Can you take it back?
    alisa: take the goods away from the theif. he didn't buy it. he doesn't deserve to have it. yes?
    alisa: this is how justice works.
    Mary: we also want to take bcak the goods and give your money back ,but we have no right and have not any way to do that
    alisa: it is impossible to take goods back?
    Mary: you know if you sell something to anyone come to your shop
    Mary: and after that ,don't you think you can find the person in the world
    alisa: well you delivered it to their game, so you should be able to take it away from their game, right?
    Mary: no , we have no right and no way to do thta
    alisa: As I have asked before, how do I contact the owner of
    Mary: sorry he is not here now
    alisa: is there an address or email address please?
    Mary: sure we have
    Mary: can you email to
    alisa: ok
    alisa: is there a phone number please?
    Mary: sorry i did't know his phone number
    alisa: is this the truth?
    alisa: you work for him, there should be some way you know his number
    alisa: is his name lee bruce?
    alisa: and is his phone number +86.5572172222
    alisa: ?
    Mary: sorry
    Mary: i am just an operator
    alisa: and is his address Room 403, No. 37, SiFang Residential Quarter, BaoShan Distri su zhou, AH 234000?
    Mary: where do you got that please
    alisa: well thanks mary, for being patient, but i'm afraid you have not helped me at all. this will have to be dealt with in a much more serious way, which is not how i wanted it to be. i'm not a mean person. so this pretty much sucks. have a nice night.

  • Le
      10th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    Same story as above. is a fraud. Do not order from them, as they screw you over.

  • An
      11th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    I must say in thsales defence, I have dealt with them on a few occasions now and have found their service to be second to none. (and i have dealt with other, not so great companies too, like IGE)

    Regarding the person in the previous comment - It really is not thsales fault that someone hacked your paypal account. The only people who could ever possibly be held accountable is paypal.

    Just because thsale was happy to accept the payment does not mean they should pay you back the money, how were they supposed to know it was someone committing fraud? The sold goods/service to someone who paid in full, if they gave you back your money, who is going to give them back the goods/service they provided?

    Did you know your account had been hacked before this took place and had you notified paypal about it? If you had, then maybe paypal would issue a refund? (I am not sure though, but this is usually how it works when your credit card is stolen - you are liable for all charges up to when you tell the company it has been stolen.)

    Other than that, good luck trying to get your money back.

  • Mi
      12th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes got me banned!!! Bought power leveling and 2 days later received email from Blizzard saying I broke the ToS and account was permanently banned and don't bother trying to get it back!!!

  • Mp
      13th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    THSale is a joke! They blotted my account to a ban and then totally screwed me including not even refunding me for the service they never even provided. Ie, the leveling that they couldn't perform since they got my account banned. Thank god I was early in the first place and setup a totally separate account to test it out. DO NOT USE THSale. There customer service will lie and they will never give you a penny back no matter how they screw you...

  • Ka
      13th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    I ordered 330 gold a week and a half ago and they have not delivered. They are also blaming Blizzard, and told me to contact the game master (which you know we can't do!) Unbelievable. Has anyone had any luck contacting any supervisors or any real person at THsale?

  • Fc
      15th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    Dont use Took a whopping 2 days before my account was banned after buying the powerleveling service. No they keep telling me to contact blizzard and dont respond to emails. They are horrible. Dont trust them!!

  • Ar
      16th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    THSALE is a scam. Like others, they promise 95% Instant Delivery until AFTER you order and they have your money. The entire time (2 days) that my order was with them, their On Line Support was Off Line. The ONLY promise they make, after receiving your money, is "We Cannot Estimate Any Delivery Times". They can't even give you and Estimate.

  • At
      17th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    Just wanted to let you all know out there that THSALE definitely uses third party software to level up your character. Upon completion of them leveling up my hunter to 70, I was promptly banned by Blizzard for third party software/hacks. Their (THSALE) claims they absolutely do not use any illegal methods when leveling your character but they obviously do. I never had a single problem with Blizzard about ANYTHING else before this happened to me. So I'd strongly suggest not using THSALE for any of your power leveling needs!

  • To
      19th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes is the one place to avoid i placed a order for powerleveling from 1-60 paid $145.99. They started to level my account 2 days after like many other people i got my account closed because they where using a third party software (botting) So contacted asked for a refund as they got my account closed. All they could say is asking blizzard for your account back. Well in the email from blizzard it says this account has been closed and will not be reopened under any circumstances. So i make a point of this to so they say make another account for us to level. Yeah right make another account to be banned. This company makes its money from getting ppl banned so they dont have to level. So i wouldn't ever buy from them again unless u want to give away your money.

  • To
      19th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    Almost forgot they have 2 other sites that i know of same company <<< avoid dont even think about it you will be banned and no refund

  • Ac
      22nd of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    Its true got my account banned after 2days of leveling. Their site does not even work anymore. Has anyone been able to get their money back through complaints from paypal? They offered a service and did not complete the service but when dealing with virtual services paypal doesn't care.

  • Fr
      8th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Do not order from they are a company that just scams customers... I lost 22.00 from them.

  • Lo
      8th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have been unable to contact anyone, so I will be calling my credit card and reporting these guys as a scam to paypal. I am hoping enough complaints come together to get these guys paypal account removed and credits back to the people that lost money to them. $29 for me, and I'm not going down without a fight.

  • Fr
      8th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    I've been having the worst experience with buying gold. As people before me, I've made a "habit" of doing it. I don't play a lot but I do have money to spare, so I buy gold. There's my excuse. Two years ago, I was buying from with absolutely no problem. So I went back a few months ago. I put in an order for 1500 gold. 2 weeks later, a hundred "live help" sessions, 50 emails, and 3 phone calls later, I get 501 gold. I go to live help again, they say they'll get money to me as soon as they have it. about 1 week later, they send me an email saying they delivered 150 gold. It never happened. I finally go to PayPal and open a dispute. Within hours PayPal sends me a letter saying the case has been closed because they don't deal with customers that are simply "unhappy with services". I'm flabbergasted. I email PayPal back trying to let them know it's about NOT receiving a paid for product. I email them a few times. Each time it's ignored. The bottom line is; there's nothing any of us can do. Who do we complain to? Blizzard? Angry Elf!

  • Le
      10th of May, 2007
    0 Votes - and they're non-existent too. Their support address is bouncing. So here's a good tip before you buy: send an email to the support address. If it bounces, you will know you're being scammed.

  • Ka
      11th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Thsale will loose your account for you. as someone else wrote... if you want to loose your account... have thsale power level for you. They do not do this in any way that will remain undetected. I lost my account, my main character, my gold... everything and there is nothing that can be done. I have written blizzard many times and they will not change their minds. They have figured this company’s methods out.

  • Fr
      13th of May, 2007
    0 Votes got me banned, bought powerleveling and 2 days later received email from Blizzard saying I broke the ToS and account was permanently banned and dont bother trying to get it back.

  • He
      13th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Thsale is by far the most incompetent pos company to ever come into existence. I ordered a powerleveling from 40-50, which was like $40. My account got banned at 41. i asked for a refund, they only replied saying "try to get your account back", but what they didnt know is the reason i was banned is because they used hacks/exploits w/e to level quicker. long story short 4 months later, im still out all my money and even though i followed their advice word for word i dont have my account either. Filing a complaint with the IC3 asap.

    Bottom line: Stay away from this company at all costs.

  • Al
      13th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Well, THSale is really a joke, with poor english and helpless service. I have some deals with them, although nothing happened, but personally I would like to order from Ige or Trade4Game, much more better service and more helpful.

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