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This company got 3 of my account banned. The first time everything seem to go fine and bam, account got banned. So I contacted them and they told me they were very sorry and told me to do it again. I should have not done it but I went ahead and did it. So I got the second account open and the leveled but that account got banned, I e-mailed them and talk to them on msn, and they tell me to e-mail Blizz numerous times. I did and blizz said no no no no no!!! I am so angry, and the last account they leveled, they finished it but never told me it was done, and the day I contacted them which was yesterday, my account was banned. They told me that they can't do anything about it and it too bad. I am not happy I spend 400 dollars. I contacted paypal about it before I started the 3rd try but they didn't do anything about it. So now I contacted my bank because my money was sent from there thru paypal to them. I am going to try to get all my money back for their failed services.


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  • Ro
      17th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes - Got my account banned and refused refund
    United States

    I hired THS International Inc. ( to powerlevel a World of Warcraft character. After a few days, Blizzard imposed a 72-hour suspension on the account for use of "unauthorized third-party software."

    I immediately contacted thsale and asked them not to continue powerleveling if they were using unauthorized third-party software, because I did not want to get my account banned.

    Thsale insisted they did not use unauthorized third-party software. Based on that assurance, I allowed them to continue powerleveling after the 72-hour ban was over.

    Within 24 hours of thsale resuming powerleveling, Blizzard permanently banned my account. I attempted to contact thsale to ask for a refund, but they ignored my emails. I then initiated a paypal dispute. Within 20 minutes, thsale responded to the paypal dispute by stating: "so sorry for trouble, please contact us, there are special person to resolve your problems, thanks for your understand, please cancel complaint.”

    I immediately sent thsale another email message requesting a refund, which they also ignored.

    About a week later, I received an email from paypal stating that my dispute had been escalated to a paypal claim, and that my claim had been denied because it involved the purchase of virtual goods, which are not covered by paypal's claims process.

    So, as a result of me trusting this corrupt and/or incompetent company ( with my account, I have lost my account plus all the money I paid thsale.


  • De
      13th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I purchased a pl from lvl 28-60 from The leveled really slowly from lvl 28-32 then stopped the power level. I leveled my warrior from 38-42 in the same time period of plain old grinding. I think they used a bot. Anyways, 19 hours of non gameplay and tons of different excuses and the character still never got pl'd. Paypal dispute initiated, cc'd dispute initiated, copies of all chat logs will be forwarded to the proper authorites for internet fraud.

    Stay away from this company and do not be scared to get the authorities involved. Their parent company is out of California so full legal recourse is easily pursued.

  • Cl
      20th of Sep, 2007
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    Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with 'Dona'
    Ashatt: Dona!
    Dona: Hello, nice to meet you! How may I help you?
    Ashatt: I'm thinking of buying your powerleveling service, but I have a question....
    Dona: yes?
    Ashatt: When I do a google search on your company, there are hundreds of complaints about being ripped off. Can I trust you?
    Dona: ok, we can void some customers slandered us
    Ashatt: Why is that?
    Dona: but maybe we exsit some problems, but we will try our best to resolve them
    Ashatt: Do you give a refund if the account is banned?
    Dona: i believe ervery one will make some mistakes
    Dona: yes, itis necessary ok/
    Ashatt: Do you powerlevel by having someone actually play the character, or do you use 'bots'?
    Dona: if is necessary ok/
    Dona: someone actually plays the character
    Dona: nobots here
    Dona: ok?
    Ashatt: There are hundreds of people making complaints that you used a bot and got their accounts banned and they can't get their money back
    Ashatt: I'm really nervous about sending money
    Dona: there some guys in your company want to be lazy , so they use it, but they all be punished then
    Dona: acutally our company ban us to use bot
    Dona: trust me
    Dona: ok?
    Ashatt: oh, so it DOES happen?
    Dona: thanks
    Dona: no, from several days ago
    Ashatt: How are they punished? Where they executed? I hear that happens in China
    Dona: we have alarmed our guy not do that
    Ashatt: Did you tell him you would shoot him in the head?
    Dona: they are deducted half money
    Ashatt: But do you refund money if an account is banned?
    Dona: i think deducting money is more ruthless than shoot him in the head
    Ashatt: That might depend on your point of view.
    Dona: so would u like to order it now?
    Ashatt: If something bad happens, how can I get my money back?
    Dona: we can refund u money to your pp mail
    Ashatt: Have you ever done that?
    Ashatt: And are they shot in the head as a 'first warning'?
    Ashatt: And then you take there money if they do it again?
    Dona: what do u mean?
    Ashatt: I'm just confused by this whole process. Why do you have so many websites?
    Dona: why not
    Ashatt: It just looks suspicous. Can you provide any references? Maybe three people who have been powerleveled successfully in the past month?
    Dona: we just want to enlarge our business
    Dona: that is it
    Ashatt: Start slowly. It will get hard at first, but that's when you have to rub really fast.
    Dona: ok, we have signed at least 1000 orders everyday
    Ashatt: How many players do you have?
    Dona: if most customers like u, no one like to come here to mak e purchase
    Dona: ij?
    Dona: ok?
    Dona: many
    Dona: achllys
    Dona: one of them
    Ashatt: But see...I did make a purchase. And you used a bot, and used my account to spam other players, it was suspended and you wouldn't refund my money.
    Ashatt: so I don't trust you.
    Dona: his account has been completed sucessfully
    Dona: you can check it
    Ashatt: However, if you were to powerlevel my character successfully I will pay you AFTER
    Ashatt: Achllys?
    Ashatt: What server?
    Dona: would u like to know his email?
    Ashatt: yes
    Dona: you can ask him ok?
    Dona: now
    Dona: his real name Steven D Williams
    Ashatt: sure! Thanks. Do you have any other references?
    Dona: sorry, i can't always supply other customers details
    Dona: i have no right to do that
    Ashatt: I understand
    Dona: thanks
    Dona: so would u like to order it now?
    Ashatt: but wait...doesn't your business use gmail accounts?
    Ashatt: What server is Achllys on?
    Dona: let me see ok?
    Ashatt: Thanks
    Dona: the order doesnt shows that
    Dona: you can ask him
    Ashatt: I'm checking now
    Dona: thanks
    Ashatt: What level did you powerlevel him to/
    Dona: 22-46
    Ashatt: Ahh...I see him. lvl 46
    Ashatt: I will ask him. Thank you

  • Mz
      6th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    yeah your brave to give them $400. These guys are bad news. Big time scammers. Check out my sad story as well. They got me for $65.

  • Mz
      6th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    They got me as well for $65. I hope paypal does something about these scammers. I'm sure they get lots of complaints!

  • Ba
      7th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I wish I had done a little search of this company before placing the order. But it's too late now. I already tasted the bitterness. My account got banned with 2 level 80's and three 70's. It's my only account. I spend two years on it. I regret so much to let them touch it. Now it was banned lifetime by blizzard. I asked them what they have done to my account. The customer keep convincing me that it was the fault of blizzard, something like ban accounts randomly. What excuse this is. Now I am working hard to get my account back which is of little chance and of course I will take legal action agaist Thsale.

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