Thriveli LiesScam


I signed with Thrive back in December 08 to Early January 09 was promised that the company would be there for me until i made my initial investmant back of which i have not made a penny as of yet and the support subsided long ago. I got the same run arround as everyone else short little coaching calls telling me to watch some videos and do what they say. Then hit with more and more expenses, asking constantly what was the initial investment for and being told that it is to cover marketing and other stuff, but yet where is this marketing for my website, i have a website that has many products on it, and 90% of the images do not load cant get any support from them to correct the issue, get calls from people saying we are part of thrive giveing you this long speach on how they are going to help you finalize what you have started with thrive, then at the end of the conversation they want another $3700.oo investment. It is a bull ### scam i have been paying for merchant services for i dont know how long now, paying for web hosting from there company had to buy my domain name from godaddy all things that i believed my initial investment to thrive was supposed to cover. Always well this will be your last expense is what the coach would say, now when i contact them i get well we are passed your 3 month support you need to contact [protected]@thirive as to which you get no support just more phone calls from more services that require more investments. I just want my intial investment to thrive back i will write off my monthly expenditures to the merchant service gateway and webhosting and just cancel. These people dont care about anyone, you tell them your story and tehy act like they care and are going to help you get something started, but it is all lies and false hopes so they can take you for as much money as they can get you to invest.

John W. Hueckstaedt

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