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Thrive Learning Institute / BIG SCAM

1 UT, United States

I check all the forums on a regular basis and see the number of people that are still being scammed is sickening in its numbers.
I have seen many individuals asking the people responsible for ruining their lives and credit, these ### of the earth individuals such as COLTEN MOODY, ZACHARY BRADSHAW, DAVE AND MATT RASMUSSEN, " How do you sleep at night?"
So far they have not responded. So I will ask you guys again...COLTEN MOODY, ZACHARY BRADSHAW, DAVE AND MATT RASMUSSEN...HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?????????????????????????????????
When will you guys finally post an answer to this question? Or are you guys just gutless, spineless cockroaches that only come out at night and under the cover of darkness to feed? Or like leeches that hide quietly in the sludge and slime of murkey stagnant water only surfacing to bleed your victims dry?
You have responded personally to the author of the posts written on
but of course that was only to do more of what your famous for-SCAMMING, yet you will not come out publicly and respond to your accusers on these forums.
Well, too bad for can run but you cant hide. Karma is headed your way.

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