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Thrive Learning Institute, The Summit Group, Diverse Marketing / Update to complaint

1 UT, United States Review updated:

Today is December 6th, 2008 and this started in Septemer, 3 months have gone by, and I finally got my money back, all of my money back. I received a call from Zach Bradshaw, head of customer relations with Thrive, about 2 hours after my complaint to the Federal Trade Comission went through, stating that he was very sorry, there had been some miscommunication and a full refund will post to my account and low-and-behold it did first thing this morning.

I think my situation is a little different though because I called on the third day and asked for my money back. I never got full into the "school" because I didnt realize it was a "school" and as soon as I did I knew I wanted out. That was not what they were selling.

People, what Ive learned from this experience is amazing. Even if the company has a 90 day return policy your bank may have a 60 day policy and after 60 days your on your on your own.

ALWAYS TAPE YOUR TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS. It is not illegal to tape a one-on-one conversation and most cell phones come with this feature now. Unfortunately, I live in the country where there are no cell-phone signals and I had to use a regular tape recorder from the 90s but it was still useful. The company you are speaking with is tapeing you for their purposes, have our own records.

When contacted, through this website or other complaint sites, remember you do not know who your sharing your thoughts with. I received numerous e-mails from unknown people stating that they were in a similar boat and wanted info from me but had not placed a complaint so I could only assume that it may have been employees poseing as customers. And I know, through this site, if you send the editor an e-mail you are not sure about they will get back to you with their advise quickly.

The best advice I can give is to remain calm. The best way to make yourself look like a screaming idiot is to type when your angry. Take notes, collect your thoughts, file your complaints with dates, names, actions taken and relax.

My thanks to for allowing me the access to their site and their freindly and speedy responses.

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  • Ko
      5th of Jul, 2009
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    Please message me to join me in stopping these people.

  • Bl
      26th of Aug, 2009
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    On July 29/08 I read a website that promised work at home millionare Michael Matthews and decided to see what it was and paid $69.95 USD. It gave you a website that was going to make me rich by picking a product to sell.

    Then on Aug.14/08 I received a few calls before that date from this company. I talked to Mike Wellings who talked about making money by using other peoples money (OPM) on or around Aug.14/08. He wanted to know if I would qualify for their one on one coaching by seeing my credit card limits. He was pitching a pretty good story to a man that was off work with severe depression and was confused about my money issues. Once he knew that I had credit in good standing. He passed me off to his Boss.

    I spoke to Shad Selmos who mis-lead me in so many ways by telling me how by working very little hours a week with a coach to show me how to get my $10250.00 back in 6 months. It was to be guaranteed to work in 6 months. I wouldn't make a decision because it sounded too good to be true. He wouldn't let up for a few hours and I gave in. I was so depressed and I still am to date. I gave him the info. to sign up with all his promises. He said that I would have to get a note from my Doctor and I said you have to be joking pal.

    I couldn't sleep very well and my depression was telling me I couldn't do it anyway and decided to back out the next day. He was not happy and said that I would lose $1500.00 because I backed out. I said that my illness was too bad to do it anyway and do what you want with the $1500.00 if you need it that bad. He said he would hold off my training until I was better from my depression. He was very aggressive with his selling of his product to me.

    I called him back to say that was too much money and he took $3250.00 off the price and I asked if that was all the money I would have to spend. He said yes and I could start when I was better. I said again is this guaranteed to work and for sure there would no more money spent. He said yes that he would call me to encourage me because he knew I was sick. I never heard from him again.

    I called my credit card company to cancel the transaction and they wouldn't do it on or around Aug.15/08. I called a day later to cancel the two credit cards and to get new card numbers thinking that would cancel this transaction. The girl said she didn't see the charges on my old accounts and issued me new cards. They showed up on my new accounts. I didn't know about charge backs or how to get out of this problem.

    I had a call from the Thrive Learning Institute to welcome me on Aug.20/08. I spoke to a John about a few things.

    Then I get a call about an accountant to look after the business on Aug.25/08 from Lynell for a Scott Judd. She told me it was going to cost me $1395.00 USD. and 39.95 a month to take care of this business. I told her that this was the first time that anyone told me about this part. I told her Shad Selmos didn't tell me about this...but what could I do at this point. I called to ask but got no response from Shad. He also failed to tell me about a $39.95 hosting fee that I was to pay.

    I have tried to get my money back due to my health getting worse by talking to an Alex Saavedra and he says that he will keep it on hold until I am better. My Doctor says that I will be off any type of work indefinately due to chronic pain and severe depression. I feel that I have been and still being scammed out of my money due to false promises from a sales person. Where can I go to get a resolution from these people. Momentum Marketing in Draper Utah/ Strategic Business solutions/ Thrive Learning Institute.

    I have read many discussion forums of many different scams and prices from these people. $2000.00-$14000.00. I would like to talk to Zack Bradshaw about a resolution to the tactics of
    the salesmen like Shad Selmos and Mike Wellings who I was told that I would have my money back without using any of my own.(OPM) Other peoples money was their false pitch to all of the people they scam. I wonder how they sleep at night after deceiving normal hard working people like us. Alex isn't any better either...he won't even answer my e-mails. This is what we get for trusting in this company of false promises. They will stand before their creator one day and he will.
    not be so kind to them for how they treat their fellow man. The money won't be much good to them where they might end up one day. Pay back will be soooo sweet for all of us who have fallen victim to these thieves. Thanks for all the support and geat customer service Thrive/Summit.

    Hey know my e-mail address and telephone number to to make this right PLEASE and THANK YOU. Make me an offer and I will see if it works for me. I want this resolved for my I can put it behind me. If you want some type of proof saying I will not be able to do this I told Mr. Selmos back in August of 2008 when he wouldn't take a no for an answer. I would have just paid the $1500.00 to get rid of was that bad.

    I will get it from my Doctor anytime to prove to you.

    James McNeilly (Canada)

  • Us
      17th of Nov, 2011
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