Thrifty Car Rental / Expediacar rental price not disclosed

To whom this may concern,

On October 21st we rented a car from Thrifty in the Frankfurt, Germany Airport. We researched to find the most economical way to rent a car and we decided to book with Thrifty. Much to our dismay when we got to Frankfurt we were required to pay $150 in additional insurance. This is the first time we ever had to pay additional car insurance as we have car insurance and additional credit card insuranceInsurance, which has always been sufficient. We felt that this was a bait and switch tactic. No where did we see the requirement of additional insurance when we booked. Had we known this we would have booked with the company that we usually dealt with, which did not require additional insurance. Had we not had time constrains, we most certainly would have cancelled our booking with Thrifty. We are extremely dissatisfied with the fact that we had no knowledge of this additional $150.
This additional charge was never disclosed. This unanticipated, hidden charge is unacceptable. We were looking for the most economical rental. Instead we paid much more than we had budgeted for.
I hope this issue can be resolved.
Thank you,
Karen Malessa

Nov 21, 2018

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