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I called them this morning because I never received my new Visa card and my old one is now expired. After a 10 minute hold time I spoke with a woman who apologized that it had not been sent out yet and it would be another 10 – 15 days before I got my card. She told me that it was because they switched the companies that processed the cards and there was a glitch in which not all the cards were automatically sent out prior to expiration. She apologized to me for the inconvenience. She then proceeded to verify my address, which was our old address from a year and a half ago! I told her no and that I had gone into the bank (Maplewood Branch) when we moved to change it and that I knew they had the correct address because we have gotten all of our statements without a problem at the new address. She then looked and said that the bank only changed the address on my husband’s name and not mine so the statements came here and so did his card, but mine WAS sent out – to the old address. She then suggested I go over there to see if they received my card!!! Are you kidding me?!?!? Which is it, was the card sent out or not? Also, how could they change the address on one name of a joint account but not the other? Does that even make sense?

She then gave me the new number to report the card “LOST OR STOLEN”, which I did. I pushed #2 for reporting lost and stolen cards. The obviously foreign woman who came on the line then proceeded to try and activate the lost card for me – how incredibly inept of her. I had to tell her that it is LOST because of the bank’s incompetence. I told her it was sent to the wrong address and I never received it. She then asked me if it was signed! I told her “not to my knowledge, but since I NEVER RECEIVED THE CARD - I could not say for sure, but it still needed cancelled immediately. I can only hope that it was actually done.

Will I ever receive my new card? Only time will tell.


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