Three Fountains One / Do not rent from them

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I originally paid a security deposit of $350.00 and an additional deposit of $695.00 (100% refundable) because I did not meet all of the qualifications. I also paid a pet deposit of $200.00 for a cat that was neutered and house broken. I signed a 13 month lease and paid on time throughout the lease. My last day of the lease was March 31, 2010. Today, I received my security deposit of 769.96 which did not total to my full deposit of $1045.00.

The current fees that were issued consist of the following:

1. CLEAN BATHROOM - $20.00


3. CARPET PRORATE - $95.04

4. DEFLEA/ DEO - $ 75.00

TOTAL $275.04

I spent 7 hours cleaning the apartment to military specifications because I am prior military. Every apartment that I have ever rented from gave me the full deposit because of the style of cleaning. I scrubbed the walls, degreased the oven, I vacuumed the carpet and scrubbed make up material, I purchased all new lights including the oven over-head light, and I even purchased white putty to clean up missing stains in the bathroom that were previously there. I cleaned every inch of the entire apartment. The carpet was old when I moved in but in fair condition and looked exactly the same when I moved out.

I have called 3 times today to resolve this issue and the apartment manager is never in the office because of break. Throughout my time with Three Fountains One, the apartment manager was never available. I feel like I am getting the run around and I want to know what all of these charges are. I do not understand why I have to pay to Deflea and deodorize carpet when I paid a $200.00 non refundable pet deposit.


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