Thorntons gas station / mega lottery ticket

Plainfield, IN, United States

Went into thortons gas station in Plainfield Indiana to buy a mega ticket October 6 2017. The lady seemed to be having trouble with the ticket finely got the ticket and we left. On Tuesday October 10 2017 won some money and back to get it. The cashier said they couldn't get because it said not for sale, but Gloria said she could it. She tried and said had to it to Indiana lottery. We wanted the ticket back and she kept keeping the ticket. Then she said we didn't represent our age group.
Gloria was very rude and we don't appreciate it.
Notified the after that happened and haven't heard from you yet.

  • Updated by Ladybug0077, Nov 24, 2017

    Did you find an answer? You keep emailing me and I don't see an answer.

Oct 20, 2017

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