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1 Ontario, Canada Review updated:

This people find your resume in Workopolis or other job search websites, then they contact you via email or phone and propose that you collect for them using your bank account and keep 1 % of the collection and wire the difference to them overseas. They also ask you to sign a contract withthem, in wich they worded in a way they make you look like the employer not the employee offering them a base salary of $2000.oo per month. Funny when they call base salary when it refers for you to pay them, when it come for them to pay you they just say that they will pay for you. (what?).

Be careful don't fall for it. I think that the job search engines should look closer at who is posting job opportunities out there.

Thank you,

Jaime Quintanilla, BBS, C.I.T.T., Canada

I am attaching the part of the contract that makes you looks like the employer and liable. The rest of it looks like a normal contract.

4.1. The Beneficiary will receive from the Representative a base salary of $2000 per month.
4.2. We will pay for you by paper check $2000 per month, at the end of each month.
4.3. The Representative will receive a fixed 7% net from each of the ammounts wired in his bank account, which will be deducted from the total amount before sending the balance to the Beneficiary.
4.4. The salary will be paid to the Representative by paper check at the end of each month.
4.5. Any fees including but not limited to funds being transferred or any other type of bank/wire/money transfer transaction will be supported by the Beneficiary, the fees will be deducted from the total amount before being sent to the Beneficiary.

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  29th of Jun, 2009
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suggestion -copy/paste yr comment on this site as well -

its canadas best consumer comments site

  3rd of Jul, 2009
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British Columbia

I received a "Job Alert" from Workopolis Job Site but I believe that Workopolis never did send it to me. When I tried to "Reply" back to Workopolis to tell them this was a scam the address changed to:, since then I received another "alert"and the e-mail address has changed to This is the actual alert:
Here are the jobs we found for you based on your search criteria: APPLY NOW

We Have A Part Time Job For You!

THOMASEMPLOYER LTD. - "Don’t leave your career or selection of candidates to fate."

Established in 1979, THOMASEMPLOYER LTD. is the UK’s leading pharmaceutical sales recruitment company. Specialising in pharmaceutical recruitment since 1985, we pride ourselves in our proven ability to recruit the best candidates for the UK’s leading pharmaceutical companies time after time.

Individuality is the key to our success. We treat each client, candidate and employee as an individual with their own individual needs and tailor our service offerings to best fit these needs.

THOMASEMPLOYER LTD. is unique in that we are a Consultancy in the true sense. We can advise our candidates and clients through the maze of recruitment issues that they face daily because we have the experience, knowledge and resources to do so.

Our company has reached enormous sales volumes in major European countries. We are currently trying to expand our services over in the USA and Canada. The IRS directly supports the market testing efforts of agencies by providing general guidelines, through the development of Market Testing Toolkits and providing guidance regarding the related agency banking framework. Therefore, THOMASEMPLOYER LTD. has been granted a Market Test Authorization from the IRS in January 1st, 2009 and is valid thru January 20th, 2010. This Market Test Authorization allows great flexibility regarding taxes.

THOMASEMPLOYER LTD. is currently recruiting Regional Financial Managers in the Canada who will receive payments from our customers in the Canada and redistribute the funds as needed.

-Why do we prefer hiring people instead of opening an office over in the Canada?
-Because it is far cheaper paying a comission of 7% rather than going through all the paper hassle of registering a business in the Canada and opening offices all over the country. Besides, there is no certainty that our company will succeed selling the products in the Canada, that's why it is called a Market Test. Upon, a successful result, we will being opening offices in the United States.

Agent's work consists in receiving payments from our customers in Canada and making
further payments as instructed to a regional affiliate department, depending on
the customer's location. Being a part-time job, it should not take more than 2 hours per day.
Agent's commission is 7% from each transaction (for instance: you receive $1000.00, you will
keep $70.00 as payment for your service). All further money transfer charges and fees are covered
by our company. So you will be responsible just for making proper payments in time.
Each transaction will be made only after prior notification by phone call or e-mail.

You are not required to:
have any extra knowledge or to be experienced in this business and
this occupation can endow additional income to you and your family as it
will not require more than few hours per week.
If you are interested in our offer, please feel free to ask for the general provisions
of the contract.

Adults only
Residents of Canada
Have a chequing account at ROYAL BANK OF CANADA (RBC)
Owners of a computer with e-mail access
2-3 hours free time within the work day

For further informations and inquiries about the job offering, please feel free to
contact us by e-mail at any time at


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