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Third Party Logistics 3PL / Management Corruption

1 Kansas City, MO, United States

This is the sleaziest syndicate of money grubbing scam artists in the country. The "Churn & Burn" methodology of drastically over-charging small businesses for shipping expenses, the margin is astronomical. I was personally told, get as much money out of these people as you can, and worry about problems later. They chain you to a desk and hound you into making telephone calls, at least 100 per day, via a 10 year old data base, to people that are called repeatedly, day after day, after day. You are afraid to go to the bathroom. It is run similar to the Wall Street scam brokers pushing penny stocks back in the 90's. The people that answer hate you for it. They have hundreds and hundreds of what they call account executives, calling the same people that you are. You are nothing but a "telephone operator" scam person; similar to those that call at dinner time at home and try to sell time-shares, or you Won a vacation. It is disgusting and immoral. How do I know? I was a victim. So, you think you are getting this wonderful job, and then your manager will watch you fail. They actually conspire against certain people and organize their demise; especially if you are an older person. It is disgusting! You will think, Hey, I can do this. And, you start calling your favorite product line, only to find that they have already been scammed, or a few weeks into failed attempts at getting anyone to listen to your stupid sales pitch, your manager will one day say to you, Oh, that's not one of the things we do good, while he watched you do it the whole time. You have now wasted weeks; and they will watch you do it again, and again. Anyway, they obviously have a niche, but the niche is for the managers to reap. you cannot collect commissions until your fifth month there, and then you can't qualify for commissions until you reach your $5000 seat cost. Anything over that, you may get, if you last long enough. One day a manager will approach you and you think you are going to a meeting. WRONG! You're being fired. Senator McCaskill has been alerted as part of her crack down on Robo-Callers. While it technically may not be called robo-calling, the concept is the same, the robos are the innocent folks thinking this is a career, like me, that got lured into their scam. I will see to it that the SEC Security & Exchange Commission will be looking into their methods. The Rich get Richer & and the Poor get Fired. These are mean, greedy ### pistards. You've been warned. They will offer you training; that doesn't apply to anything you do when you get to the sales floor. When you sit in the training, the trainers are obviously sales people that did not make it, well they can't train either. The class is like Romper Room. The instructors - losers.

Aug 13, 2015

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