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1 Long Beach, CA, United States


terrible service from check-in. No smile No manner and terrible service. I have my mom who 89 years with me and she obviously handicap. i asked if there is somebody who gonna come help me with my mom. (As we all know people in this age are need a special treat. they cant walked like we do) but she answers with terrible attitude. Then She told us that we must open my mom bag and take her medicine with her on an airplane... Well, we would appreciate concern if she talked nicer with little smile INSTEAD OF LOOK AT US POORLY AND NEVER ONCE SMILE OR TRY TO DO JOB BEST!. My family and i have been your customer in years and we would never use Jetblue service ever agin. We pay for service and we do not expect this type of treatment.

Then when we passed security my mom have brought liquid little over 3oz( she is 89. she didnt know anybetter) so i bring her stuff out to my husband who wait outside. Once i get to the Gate jetblue staff already let people in the plane. so iwalked and asked one of jetblue staff ( old white man with white hair with TERRIBLE ATTITUDE) if he could help me checked that my mom who handicap already get on the plane. i told him i wanted to make sure if she is ok. He shake his shoulder and said probably. probably??? Are you serious? How many handicap on wheelchair would be on 1 airplane??? This is how you treat your customer? If my mom who 89 years missed the flight or get hurt in anyway i will sue your company and i will posted this treatment that we recieved on and any other public channel. we should not have to put up with this kind of treatment.

This is not how you treat your customer. Especially involve with health of lady who is 89 years!

Mar 09, 2013

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