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This company robbed my credit card of 149.00 which i did not authorize. I never saw anything in print that said they would debit my credit card.

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  7th of Feb, 2007
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Charged my credit card 149.99 without my knowledge. Getting the run around for refund.

  13th of Feb, 2007
0 Votes did the same to me a couple of months ago.

  14th of Feb, 2007
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I got the free trial. Never read or realized they would charge me 149.00 whether I wanted the product or not. They charged me, I have not received the product and now I cannot get a hold of anyone! Now I am afraid they will charge me every month! I am not rich, this is a lot of money out of my budget! I went on their website tried to get help and the page will not come up! Don't fall for this scam!

  17th of Feb, 2007
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I too was charged $140.00 for thintabs, is there any recourse, I am also concerned thy will charge my credit card again.
Thanks to anyone that can help.

  19th of Feb, 2007
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I fell for there freebie and now it is showing up as a $149 charge to my debit account. What a scam. I am calling my bank to dispute this claim, they will not keep my money.

  22nd of Feb, 2007
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They also made unauthorized charges to my bank account after the free trial. Before they charged me, I read the terms and conditions, which stated you could cancel and not be billed if you submitted an online ticket or wrote them a snail mail requesting it to be cancelled. I sent a ticket and they still charged me.

  28th of Feb, 2007
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I received products that I did not order. I refused the package, unopened, at the post office. Now my credit card has been charged $149.95 and they will not return my calls. I have left messages as their recording states. What can I do to stop this scam?

  2nd of Mar, 2007
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i thought i had 15 days to cancel my auto ship. i did speak to someone and she told me it clearly states that you will be billed no matter what. i agreed to the term and conditions just like you did. we can not breech a contract. i told her that i will dispute the charge with my bank and she said that is ok but they will charge us for breech of contract. i was also told my order was already shipped, i haven't received it either. yes it suck that they legally scammed us. we have learned our lesson to read read it over again and again!!

Hollie D'Anna 3-02-07

  8th of Mar, 2007
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I have also got the same 149.95 charge to my debit card does anyone know if there is something to stop these guys. I have not received my product yet and cannot get ahold of anyone there. I have many complaints in with them both by phone and there ticket system. This is a serious matter. I am also putting a complaint in with my bank maybe they can be blocked from doing this to me again next month.

  11th of Mar, 2007
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I have tw0 (2) charges on my debit bank card account. 1. 2/22/07 for $4.87 and 2. 3/9/07 for $149.95.
I did not order anything from this company and don't know how, where, when the got my account number. This charge has left me with my rent check and other charges bounced costing me an additional $36.00 overdraft per all.

I am retired and handicapped and live on a small Social Security income with many medical problems. Why, how, where can we stop these thieves???

  30th of Mar, 2007
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Call your bank and file a non-fraud dispute stating that you attempted to cancel before the time limit was up. They will get your money back for you and prevent any further charges from the company.

  2nd of Aug, 2007
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I wanted to try thintabs and so I too accepted the so called free offer. At the time into Support was the payment vehicle and notified me of the auto shipment via email. I notified them that I did not order any shipment and wanted to cancel. They resined the sale and I was never charged. Now I am receiving calls from a recovery company claiming to represent thintab and wanting $202.43 from me threating to report this to the credit services. I'm trying to contact thintabs because I have never received a bill nor was my credit card charged.

  6th of Nov, 2007
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They did this to me too but worse yet, they have filed a collection action against me and it is on my credit report. Would anyone like to file a class action suit against this company?

  6th of Nov, 2007
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Now called, or pure energy products.

On October 2006 I placed an online order of diet supplements with a company called When placing my order, I was automatically signed up for an auto ship program. After receiving my initial order, I did not like the supplements and contacted ThinTabs via their support site called, "" on November 17, 2006. This support site was provided to me though the website. I received a response from ThinTabs on November 20, 2006 at 10:35 PM stating, " Dear Dawn, Your account has now been refunded. Please allow up to 10 working days for refunds to be posted to your credit card statement. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused. Thank you for your patience, The IntaSupport Team."

I thought the situation had been resolved based on that correspondence, which I am including. On November 6, I received a letter from American Express stating that my credit line had been reduced due to a collection on my credit report which they found during an account review. I called the credit agency, Equifax, ,and ordered a copy of my report. I then called the collection agency listed in my report, National Asset and Risk Management (400 Rouser Road #202, Coraopolis, PA 19108, phone 412-424-0250). I was told to write a letter disputing the claim. In the process of doing some research through my old emails and a web search trying to find the contact information for, I found many people who are having the same situation with the same company. is no longer an Internet company and when I called the collection agency again to get their contact information, they refused to give it to me.

I do not owe ThinTabs anything as I did not keep the product they are billing me for. I canceled my automatic ship program with them. There are enough people to file a class action lawsuit against this company and to keep them from doing this to others.

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