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1 Austin, United States

I am just another retail investor out in the world and I have been trading a live account for 2+ years trying to develop my own methodology. My learning curve was a bit more pricey then I anticipated, and because of that my account size has reached a level of no more forgiveness. So me being the common sense thinker that I like to be decided not to risk anymore $ in the live account since I am at a critical level of small account size, and my methodology requires more capitol than what's left; however I believe I have found the beginning of my working methodology and wanted to try it in the paper trading account to avoid the real risk just to see if I could prove my concept, but I can't because the paper trading account has all kinds of bugs that make it inaccurate and unusable for practice (Then what's the point of have this paper trading account?). It's crap for some reason. For example, when options expire they don't clear out of your portfolio for a month after the trade has ended instead of being cleared out by the next trading day (TDAmeritrade agent told me a month on the phone) second the quote delay on the paper trading account is 20 minutes!!! Are you kidding me!!?? A ### ton can happen in 20 mins, like miss every opportunity you were hoping to see. TDAmeritrade will probably be the reason I don't fulfill my compassion of being a successful retail investor. TDAmeritrade needs to fix this because it is important and they are not treating it that way, or take the paper trading completely off and loose those customers.

I understand that a paper trading market is a pseudo market, but why make a paper trading option if you're not even going to get in the ball park of the real market. Trading is not a game!

Jul 28, 2014

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