If you are interested in a PS3 or iPhone and come across any Internet ads that indicate that you must contact the seller via e-mail at [protected], it is a scam to get your money with no paid merchadise ever delivered. I contacted the seller (whose name appeared as Christine Chin) wanting to buy one PS3. The advertised and confirmed price was 220USD. Since I only wanted one unit, the only way I could make the purchase was by wire transfer to Great Britain. After performing many complaint searches with the BBB in Oregon and the State's AG as well as a general Internet search, I requested and obtained a copy of an International Passport from of the gentleman I was wiring the money to just to verify the individual's identity - George Aretas Wortely. After wiring the money, the seller started telling me one problem after another . First, I needed to pay an estra 100usd because I only wanted one PS3 and not a lot of 5 units. I did wire the additional 100usd. Then supposedly the individual responsible for shipping the merchandise was arrested and my package was being held in customs because it contained my PS3 as well as four iPhones. I found out that the delivery service ( and used was also bogus and told them so. To which I was told that they were ripped off too. I was then requested to pay another 100usd. I refused and asked that my purchase price be refunded or my rightfully paid for merchandise sent to me. refused to do either and kept insisting that all they needed was the 100usd to complete the shipment. Once I told them they were scamming me, I have not heard a word since nor has my merchandise been sent.

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