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I ordered a Fuji F31 from them on December 22. The price when I ordered it was $309. The shipping was going to be $14. I didn't notice at the time, but when I printed out the invoice, nothing came up but the order number (172577) and all their return and replacement policy. On the 26th I received an email, asking me to call to confirm.

I did. The salesman, Ed Sharp, tried to sell me memory cards, and then a "better" battery. I asked why, since the camera was rated as having a very long lived battery. He told me that I had purchased the "European" version, which did not come with the "upgraded" battery, but for $30 more, I could get both the better battery and the original factory warranty, not just their warranty.

When I said I wasn't interested, he said he'd do it for $20, and then when I said to cancel the order, he said $10. I said for $10 I wasn't going to fight it.
Later I checked, and as I remembered, they did advertise the product with the "better" battery.

I called back 2 hours later, and told them to cancel the order. I was told they couldn't, but I could refuse acceptance of the package. On the 27th, the money was withdrawn from my account.

Here it is January 4th, nothing yet, and the return policy says that I can't return anything after 10 days from the invoice.


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  • To
      8th of Feb, 2007
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    I have similar issue with I ordered a 32" LCD TV from them. When I called in to confirm my order their try to sell me extended warranty. I said no, then they increased my shipping rate by about $100 from the original price. I asked why is the increase. They told me it is for insurance. What kind of ### they think I am? I said no, and cancelled my order. If you are smart you would not do business with this company. I hope they go out of business soon. They are a bunch of ###s, and wasted my time.

  • Bi
      14th of Sep, 2007
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    I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau and also the Federal Trade Commission. This operation advertised new HDTV and after my purchase sent me a broken factory reconditioned unit. Shipping cost to return was my out of pocket before they refunded money. This type of operation ruins peoples confidence in the electronic sales marketing trade . Mr.Danny Baaz is a principle of interest, or at least that is the name he provided to me at The New Connection but I am sure there are others.

  • Jo
      19th of Sep, 2007
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    Consumer Affairs does not regulate online business's. If you wish to have an internet company investigated please contact the FCC at (888) 225-5322 or by mail at Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20554.

  • Sh
      26th of Dec, 2007
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    I bought the Beaty and The Beast (TV Series) DVD set. It was a bootlegged copy off of Ch4 tv in Pa. The quality was poor. Grainy, tiling, freezes. This was not what was expected. I feel the company lied in their promotion of this item. They then only responded once stating that I could pay $30 & keep it (it was $44 & change to begin with) or I could return it for full refund. I returned it, but never got a refund & never heard from them again. What a rip off. Stay away from this company.

  • Bi
      22nd of Mar, 2008
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    This company sends out refirbished products and sells for new . They are bad for the e-trade market and not reputable . Sold me an HDTV invoice # 255337and shipped a set which the manufacturer advised me later, and upon investigation, could not be warranted. Company was forced to return my puchase amount thanks to credit card company complaint system, but to date refused to address my cost to return ship this bogus set. It was a catch 22 as I could not get my purchase amount until I shipped it back at my expense.. Buyer beware with this operation.

  • Ro
      30th of Apr, 2008
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    Thenewconnection - No follow up on order and unclear description
    United States

    I ordered a GE cook top stove and then the trouble started. I got an e-mail, which went as follows.

    "Thank you for your order. In order to promptly process your order, please call me Tom at, 800-337-1788 Ext. 2052. to confirm your order information, in order to ensure prompt delivery of your order."

    I called and he told me that I should buy a warranty for my product. I told him I didn't want one. He then told me that my order would ship in two days. That didn't happen so I put in a formal complaint to their customer service dept. (1209539418) I then got a note back saying that my order was on Backorder. I replied to that order that I wanted my order canceled.

    I called this morning and I was told that my order was coming from the factory and they would receive the item any day now and that I would receive it in about 14 days. I told him in person to cancel my order. They are a bait and switch company and I told them so. They were in the business of selling extras and they need to be put out on their ear.

  • Ba
      5th of May, 2008
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    These people are really dishonest and do not deliver what they promise without increasing the original order price. They also lied to me about the battery that comes with a camcorder and tried to sell me another for $80.00. When I repeatedly refused and hung up, they didn't send the item. They called me two weeks later and said that the battery in the package only lasted for 20 minutes and would send me one that lasted 3 hours for an additional $40. I should have known it was a scam because when I received the package, the battery was not an upgrade but the one that comes with the camera. I am still waiting for the "free" case, tripod, etc that was supposed to come with the camera.

  • Wi
      16th of May, 2008
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    Worst service customer care company ever. Denied my request to cancel 20 seconds after placing order saying they could not cancel already in system. Everyone is a manager and no control at all. Shipped at extra cost also.

  • Jo
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    They should be ashamed of themself. Stay away. They are not only bad but rude as well!

  • Sd
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    This company surely has a shady history. One look at their resellerratings page:
    or their NY BBB report
    suggests that they have repeatedly engaged in deceptive practices. Unfortunately, I discovered this material only after placing an order with this merchant. However, I only encountered three relatively minor problems with this transaction: 1) the fact that shipment was delayed by several days despite assurances from rather impersonal customer service reps 2) they charged my CC days before the product shipped -- this is a no-no per my CC co. 3) they do not appear to be an authorized YAMAHA dealer. Apart from these warts, I have to say I was treated fairly. I received the home theater receiver in pristine factory packaging soon after the tracking number was posted to their site. The item was new (I confirmed with YAMAHA customer support that the item was not a refurbished unit). It is operating wonderfully and the price was the best that could be found at the time. I would still advise great caution in dealing with this merchant, given the number of complaints they have generated. I was up-front with my knowledge of their history by the third time I called to check on shipping and maybe this played a role. Most of the complaints I've seen had to do with digital camera and camcorder purchases, so maybe it's worth looking elsewhere for these items. In all fairness to, I must confess I am satisfied with the outcome of my transaction.

  • Va
      21st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes - No follow up on order and unclear description
    United States

    I placed an order online for a "Factory sealed" CanonSD1100 IS camera that's supposed to come with 1 year warranty as described on their website. After I placed a order, I receieved many emails to ask me to call thenewconnection rep to confirm the order which I did. When I called, the rep was kind of pushy to have me buy better battery and I told him I will stick with the standard one without extra charge. He said delivery will arrive in 7-10 business days. Then I called back in about 3 business days for delivery tracking# since I didn't get any email about that, theNewconnection's customer service rep told me I had purchased a package with OEM accessories that don't come with warranties and the OEM stuff is out of stock but for my "inconvenience", he's willing to give me the original factory accessories for $30 extra than $60. He also said Canon does not seal their package which just contradicts with what's described on theNewconnection's website. I told the rep to cancel my order and am totally not satisfied with theNewConnection.

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