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As of May 2008, I decided to have a Tummy Tuck / Surgery done for myself... A gift for my 40th Birthday that was long awaited after raising a family of three daughters... Which are now in college.
I saved money to get a tummy tuck for which I thought, I could trust a supposedly well known surgeon Dr. David Kaufman, in Sacramento & Folsom California,.. Well apparently due to the fact that my high blood pressure was too high, the doctor & staff decided that I needed to re-schedule my surgery two months away.. Well, due to the fact that my house was just foreclosed on, and I had to abruptly move and get another house, needless to say, I was very overwhelmed with personal issues..

I knew as per my contract, I would lose my deposit of 400.00 to "hold" my date for surgery. As per my contract, that was all I would lose... But, Dr.Kaufman as well as the Accountant took a vacation and stated via email, " We only held back $2, 394... We have discussed this matter at length at the California Society of Plastic Surgeons, because although thankfully this is an uncommon problem, there is certainly precedent - both legally and administratively. I have run this by our practice attorney, and was advised that we were on solid ground - even if we were to withhold the entire fee for surgery. Situations of this exact nature have been heard by the courts, and they have repeatedly sided with the surgeons - in that time is a commodity which cannot be recovered when patients change their minds"...

I DID NOT CHANGE MY MIND... I WAS TOLD UN-TRUTHS BY THE STAFF AS WELL AS DR.KAUFMAN,... As per Dr.Kaufman, he states I have no case...

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  • Mi
      Aug 30, 2008

    I have a consultation soon with Dr. Kaufman and I noticed right away that he is the only doctor out of the 4 I have seen that wanted to take my credit card and charge it right away for the $80.00 fee with a within 2 week only cancelation or no refund. I too am 40 something and my house burned down to the ground and then my idiote contractor caused me around $40, 000.00 in damages in which I won my case but he filed bankruptsy so I never got a dime. My point is is that I can relate because my blood pressure was high during that 2 year time of my life. Now I am okay, but it scares me to think if something did happen unforseen would this doctor take that much money. I really think you have a case, and it's not fair that he reniged on his verbal contract. I'm studying for my fiance's contractors liscense test and I'm learning that even arbitration boards don't know the law and we as the consumer have to stick up for ourselves. I am going to get everything in writing before I give my 10%. Please let me know if they have done anything to reimburse you for your loss. Take care.

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  • Kt
      Jul 31, 2011

    Dr Kaufman would never do anything to "fix" his mistakes. Please read my compalint under Dr David Kaufman. It is all about ego and money for him. I could not even get him or his office to submit my insurance correctly nor give me the correct CPT codes. The Ca Board did go on his side with my complaint but I found out that only "one" Dr reviews any complaint, hardly objective!

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