SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Bad customer service

We bought a product off of eBay from the natural health Shoppe. A couple weeks went by and we never got our product. So I email them thought eBay and no response. So I went to see if they had another website to look for contact information and couldn?t even find a number so I e-mail them. They got back to me with no information so I called them. A girl named Sharon F. answered then phone. I asked her about my order and she said it should be going out Wednesday, and I asked her why it was taking so long and she said "I don?t know" so I asked to talk to a manager and she said very RUDE "why" and then kept giving me an attitude and wouldn?t answer my questions and then hung up on me!!! I can't believe a company would let an employee do this to a customer its mind blowing. All I wanted was a answer to why my product did not ship. On eBay when you sell stuff you have to have it in stock not send it out 3 days later. Also today 5 days after this happens sharon called me and was harrisng me ... I really cant believe this!!


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