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I first opened an account with the lead consortium in May of 2010. After several attempts of turning on my "back office" in order to retrieve leads, they never came in. I tried several times to contact my account executive (Bret Pierce) he would always tell me the same thing. "the problem has been fixed, go ahead amd turn on your back office" I would turn it on and still nothing would come through.

I played this game with Bret for about 6 months. After being frustrated with the playing this game with him, I contacted Matt Jones. He claims to be the owner of the company.

(mind you, I have known Matt Jones for 3 years and spent close $100, 000 with him at his previous company)

He told me that he would issue me a refund in one week time if he was unable to get the system to work. I waited a week and half, still no leads ever came through. I emailed Matt Jones several times and followed up with some 50 phone calls.

After finally returning my call, he said leads were sent (he sent some 30 leads through my system as I was speaking with him). the problem, the leads were not real time as promised and was also promised I would get 5 per day, instead they all came in at once and my order was depleted in less than 30 seconds with very low quality leads.

After asking for a refund again, they said they would only give me a lead credit. THEY STOLE MONEY FROM MY FAMILY & CHILDREN and show no compassion. DO NOT BUY LEADS FROM LEAD CONSORTIUM- they will lie and steal your money too. BEWARE!


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