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1 Cincinnati, OH, United States Review updated:
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My Experience at our local Kroger's, This is what I told Them at they're them I didn't even block out the language that I used with him! I am witting you to let you know that I have every right to have your manager at the Mt. Washington store in the Mt. Washington store in Cincinnati, OH.

arrested. He first accused me in my way of stealing from the store that I have been a patron at 14yrs. I couldn't find my receipt right away he stood over me which frustrated me even more as all the customers where watching and heard what was going on. He went through my bags in the store which is against the law followed me outside almost holding my wheel chair. I told him to ask the girl that took care of me at the self check the machine was messing up. I also told him to check with any employee and see if what they thought. They all know how handicapped I am right down to my brain surgery I told him to take the damm wine back before I went out the store as he irritates me more letting the customers hear even more then followed me out the dour. I did say get the Hell away from me sorry about the language but I want you to know just exactly was said, I also dumped my coffee on the floor as I had that in the store told him I hoped he had to clean it up!

He then stood outside on his cell phone watching me while he called the cops I waved the receipt at him so he could see that I finally found it looked at the receipt said the wine wasn't on it, excuse me that was the only thing I bought. I wanted to take it back after I yelled at him that I'd never come back in he let the whole store hear telling not to come back in that store idiot didn't hear me say I wasn't coming back in. Matter fact none of my friends will either. Next time you let a young kid manage a big store that you ought to check to see if it went to his head, when he told when he first saw me take a couple of bags to put my family dollar suff and my library CD's in the bag the jerk looked though all the bags wanted to see my receipts from that store too! He as much called me a thief in front of every one we all know that store has no alarms my bags as he said didn't set anything off. Good luck with store!

I think his name was Mark or Mike I was too hurt and upset to read it just saw the M mostly. I was in tears I was so upset I've never in my life had the fact that someone thought I was a thief and a lier. It took all night after I took a Valium and a glass of wine which is highly unusual for me. My aide tried to calm me down the next day. I still to this day almost cry when I think about it having trouble even telling you about it. It was on Tuesday last week.

Thank you for listening,
Kathleen B. Hagen.

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      13th of Apr, 2008
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    There are ALWAYS a bunch of men standing around @ the Old National store in College Park, Georgia. Although I have spoken with the manager(s) Mr. Johnson and Mr. Lindsey, repeatedly and know that other women have also, this continues to be an unresolved issue. On 4/11@ 3:40 pm when I entered there were two men. @ 5:00 when I exited there were 5 men. They often stand in front of the pillars so that you have no choice but to walk near/past them when you enter and leave. They ALWAYS have something unnecessary to say and become beligerent if you attempt to ignore them. I feel threatened to enter my neighborhood store and resent having to drive out of my way to get to a store where this is not the norm. There are 3 other Kroger stores within miles of my home and this is the only one where this practice is allowed. The greeter on duty 4/11 has previously told me that he sees nothing wrong with these men hanging around, in fact he is usually engaged in conversation with them. They allegedly are cab drivers trying to get a fare. What they are are loitering and meddling and insulting. This needs to be addressed by management and handled so that women don't have walk the gauntlet to get into THIS store. I've tried to ignore this issue as well as one with the U-Scan cashier, Cecelia, who is beyond rude. I can go to another cashier but there is only one way in and one way out of the store. Now that it's beginning to get warm this situation will expand. I have been a patron of this particular store since it opened. Before I retired from the public school system I was the building rep for my school where we participated in the various community activities @ the store, including but not limited to bag day where the faculty and staff went in and bagged groceries on Saturday once a month. I'm a firm believer in keeping $$$$$ in the community but this situation with these men is intolerable. There is a Mega Wal-Mart across the street and they have nothing like this occurring there. I like Kroger but I can take my business elsewhere if this situation doesn't cease. I've tried to work with the store managers but they also seem to treat this as a female hysteria and don't begin to take it seriously. One of these men is going to attack some woman one day or night and then maybe the Kroger Co. will take some action.

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