TheHipChick.comDefective goods at outrageous prices

I ordered the same LaRok dress from that my friend bought at TJ MAXX for $59 in PERFECT CONDITION, as we needed it for an event. Mine arrived with one of the six grommets all rough and jagged inside. The other 5 were smooth. I paid $143 for mine and couldn't find another anywhere, so I asked for for a price adjustment to pay my tailor to remove the faulty grommet and replace it with another that is a close match, but not exact. They say all "sales are final", defective or not and refuse a return. I have never been refused an adjustment in the event of a OBVIOUS DEFECT, and one seller even gave me an item free at their insistence.

Being in retail, myself, I continually strive for customer satisfaction, as I want repeat biz and referrals. The dress is clearly a second and I got duped and have no recourse, other than this board and to dispute my charge. BEWARE!!!

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