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I had purchased two dining room chairs from on 12/16/09 . And the credit card I used for the purchase showed the transaction upon that very day, and of course the funds had been deducted.The confirmation email that I recieved didn't show a delivery date, so I was unsure of how long it might take for the shipment.I then waited until a couple of weeks into Jan. before I called to inquire about my order because I had figured that the Christmas load may have caused alot of delays.When I called at that time I was told that they had deducted my money at the time of my order because they were having my order come from an individual store, but it turned out that they didn't have them in stock and were on back order.I then waited a few more weeks before I called them again, and also during all of this time I had never recieved not one email to communicate anything with me concerning my order since my initial cofirmation email. At that time I demanded to speak to their Manager who proceeded to tell me that they would have to cancel my order and that they wouldn't be getting that item in stock again.Also at that time their web site still showed the item as in stock and available for shipment, so I told her that they needed to remove that item from their page.Also I was under the impression that I would be credited my money back right then. I then watched my account to see if it ever was credited till about a week into Feb. so then I called them again and I was told that they had cancelled my order but they must have sent the refund request out to the wrong department.So once again I was told that they were submitting it for refund and that they were sending me a $30.00 gift card for my trouble. She also said to give it 5-7 business days for it to show up. Of course it still hadn't shown up so I called again last week on 2/19/10. This time I was told that they saw where it had been submitted and also she saw where they had put in for the gift card as well. She said that they hadn't told me that it takes about 3 days before they process it then it takes 5-7 days for it to show up.Also I was told that she also resubmitted it in case the previous request hadn't gone through.It is now 02/24/10 and I still have not recieved one email, any merchandise, a gift card and of course my money!!! Oh yeah, also the item is still on their site and now it is on sale. I now plan to leave comments like this one all over the internet, report them to the better business bureau, and I'm going to threaten them with legal councel.

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