TheFreeProjectRefuse to pay out


I was recently scammed out of an iPod off of I completed all of the requirements (legitimately, I might add), and after the owner approved me for an iPod, he puts my account on hold (refuses to send my iPod) because he received an anonymous e-mail on something completely unrelated to me and TheFreeProject. Basically, the site owner, Kirby Fine took the word of a complete uncredible stranger over a valued, honest, loyal customer such as myself. I have complained the the BBB of Houston, Texas, but that takes a while to get to his house. I have the owner of TheFreeProject's home address and phone number if anyone needs to contact him. I won't send it to anyone of course, but if you have been put on hold for a completely unreasonable reason, please e-mail me at [protected] with an explanation, and maybe we could help each other out.

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