thee electric / scam shoddy work misrepresentation

I am local contractor who repeatedly has to go behind thee + clean up their messes.9 out of 10 complaints in the field are about thee. they recently were brought before the state licensing board for serious violations (2) with at least one prior, thatshould have been sufficient to pull their license (3 strikes rule)but apparently in all the states wisdom they combined them, this has left them out there to prey(not pray) onthe public further !as a contractor with highstandards + morals I am outraged + you should be also . therefore I urge everyone who has +willbe preyed upon by this unscupulous, supposed christian company, to report them to the state licensing board + share those experiences here.enough is enough+the state electrical board should be ashamed for their inaction. if people had complained this bad +dangerous contractor would have been gone long ago! I think the public has had to suffer enough lately at the hands of bad contractors, companies, +politicians together by following through we have the power to put a stop to it. god bless from a concerned contractor


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