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I ordered a Nikon P600 for the cost of 259.00 which was to include all camera accessories, free card reader, free lens cleaning kit, free lcd screen protector, free tripod and free camera case!! Received email that I needed to call and confirm order with Jerry at ext 1; so I did so(thinking this was good way to be sure my order was secure). I was told that Jerry was out to lunch and spoke with Greg who at that time told me the battery was not included and that I could choose from a 2hr at 39.99 or 5 hr at without thought I told him to add the 5 hr battery! Was told that camera was in stock and would ship out as soon as payment was confirmed that they needed my 3 digital code on back of credit card, asked if I needed a memory card and if I had any other questions. I was then told my total was 318.99 which was okay even though I thought it was odd that the lithium battery didn't come with the camera. So I thought about the entire transaction and decided to check my email for confirmation of order..NOTHING, I then proceeded to the website where I tried logging into my account-NOTHING, said I needed to create a new I then checked my bank account to where I noticed the company had removed 398.50 from my account.. a 79.51 difference!! When I tried contacting the company the next morning Bruce was short, somewhat rude and I was told someone would contact me in a few minutes about the matter!! Waited hours with no return call so I called back speaking to Greg this time who said my order was shipped out already, when I told him the complaint again that I was being overcharged he said I told you the camera didn't come with battery or charger!!! WHAT?? I told him that a charger was never mentioned and he said I told you when placing confirmation order it wasn't included..that was never mentioned at he said do you want to speak to Jerry; of course I said YES and then this guy who sounds just like Greg who had rude tone and very uncooperative says my order was shipped if I didn't want it to refuse order and return if didn't want. I continued to tell him I wanted the camera I just didn't want to be scammed, that I didn't understand why the battery wasn't included and that I owned Nikons before that came with battery in box and that I was never told charger wasn't included either' and then his tone was higher and said I remember you, I took your order confirmation-Umm No he didn't Greg took my order!!! Then when I told him he wasn't the one who took my order he was extremely rude and laughed saying I took your order you just are confused..I was very much offended that he tried act like I was stupid! I told him I knew who I had spoke to each time and had even wrote names etc down..He continued to say good then if you can buy this camera somewhere else for same price then go there and buy it; that the company was just making 6.00 from this sale!! How is that possible when they took out an extra 79. 51 from my account, in which I would about guarantee they do to all their customers..He proceeded to tell me if I didn't want the camera to send it Back!! So its been two and half days since account was charged and I'm waiting to see if the camera arrives!! Contacted Bank in which little can be done other than a simple dispute which could take weeks to do...BUYER BEWARE..guess I should of checked up on this company to begin with!!! If a deal seems to good to be real..IT USUALLY IS!!!

Aug 15, 2014

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