thebowlcompany.comBad customer service

1. The package was more than a month late. I was not informed until i asked them about it.
2.The items did not come with a retail box. The product page did not say it came without a retail box. I assumed it would. Anyways, a bit tacky to see $50 china in a plastic bag and bubble wrap.
3.The biggest gripe that i have is that I paid $20 for gift wrapping that was useless. Surely if I buy 4 of the same item it's normal to think that i would be giving it to 4 different people? I am at a loss to understand the reasoning of taping two items and wrapping the bow around them! So i thought to myself, okay lets cut the bow and at least use the wrapping paper. But I was wrong... they put tape between the two items (and at all 4 corners) which tore the wrapping paper no matter how carefully i peeled it. So, after wasting $20 dollars on the gift wrap service I had to wrap it myself. I emailed them concerning this (with photos included) but I have not heard from them.

Feb 16, 2015

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