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The Zaken Corporation / Do not waste your money

1 United States Review updated:

I received a packed in the mail and when I receive these types of packages I immediately go to the web to look for reports of scams. I found this website and after reading what everyone had to say I decided to look for a website that lists scams. Got to this website and type in the name of this company and read what this company has to say about Tiran Zaken and how rude the customer service, how hard it is to talk to someone, etc.

Do not waste your money. If you get a packet, throw it away.

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  • Va
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    The Zaken Corporation - Scam
    The Zaken Corporation
    United States

    I ordered quiksell in May 2008 and have sent in lots and lots of deals, with pics, samples were sent and etc. I never hear back from them, they are very slow if they do answer back. And they do not do as they claim. I paid $174 for quiksell kit and it’s a month and half later and no word or no deals do I hear back from. They keep samples and do not return them either. I am very disappointed and turned them in TO BBB. I think they should refund my money as well as pay me for my time and effort and the embarrassment they put me through. It’s very bad when we have to tell merchants that we don’t hear back after they sent samples. It cause us to also have a bad name. I'm steaming mad.

  • No
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    The Zaken Corporation - SCAM
    The Zaken Corporation
    2610 Conejo Spectum Street
    Thousand Oaks
    United States
    Phone: 805-262-6700

    Sending mail promising wealth to those who will work for his company sending out advertisements to companies located around your area who are going out of business or would be willing to sell his discounted junk.
    He buys junk from businesses looking to liquidate assets at rockbottom prices which he buys it all at, then in turn sells it at an increased profit to another business looking to make money on discounted items without a huge investment on their end... He gets rich, you get a profit for finding the company, for each item sold from the lot, a percentage is mailed to you. BUT... You first have to make an initial investment for the materials to send to all these businesses...
    The cost of this "kit" ranges from what I have seen in posted complaints from $200 down to $89 which is what my mailing said my initial investment would cost me.

    This is such a SCAM!! He also includes a HUGE page with testamonials from current "workers" who are collecting substantial amounts of money weekly and monthly from his business. Their pictures are beside their quotes touting such sayings as "I LOVE that there is no selling!" with a brief description of what his day consists of, how many hours a week he puts in, and how much he collects montly. Then beside his picture is his full name, City and State.
    Of the Fourteen People on this WHOLE page, NOT ONE person checked out as a REAL person! Go ahead, anyone is able to look up anyone by Name, City and State.. there are many search engines available on the web to use..
    Not ONE person in any of the listed States come up! How possible is that?
    If this doesn't REEK of SCAM... how much more proof does anyone need?

  • Ch
      5th of Jul, 2010
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    The Zaken Corporation - Money scam
    The Zaken Corporation
    United States

    The Zaken Corp. of Thousand Oaks, CA, refuses to refund my $149.00 sent them in April 2010 for their program which I had sent back within a few days of receipt.

    The BBB of Thousand Oaks, CA, apparently has no facility for handling complaints of this nature. I have checked other web sites for information regarding where and how one can register complaints of this nature but to no avail. I will call the Federal Trade Commission at 202-326-2830 and ask for their help.

    Any other ideas out there how I might get back my money? Thanks!

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