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I am outraged regarding the auditions that have taken place regarding the x factor. I previously waited over 8 hours to sing to a producer who said no with no understanding why. after watching the audition on tv there is not one good singer and how the hell did they get through. I can actually sing and there is no basis for people like that to be on when there are real people out there that can sing and are not getting the opportunity because they want their rating up with these people making fun of themselves. I am so angry about this as i have been singing for years and i thought that the auditions are supposed to be carried out by simon etc and not producers. to be honest what do the producers know about talent. They don't run major billion record companies.

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  • La
      Nov 11, 2008

    I am not impressed with Saturdays nights judgement, Ruth Lorenzo can only sing in spanish she hasnt got the vocals. Didnt Simon say that " You aren't the best singer but you have carisma". Laura White should have gone through she has an amazing voice and alot of potential, Daniel Evans isnt a good singer either, whats with voting out the amazing singers and keeping the craps ones in!!! Eoghan quigg has a good voice but its not that powerful yet a few years and he will have an amazing voice, Rachels voice isnt that bad but its the same sort of tone every week, JLS are great they are so funny and cute too. Alexandra Burke to win now that Laura White has been voted out how could you do that louis when you criticize Ruth Lorenzo's performances!

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  • Th
      Nov 07, 2010
    The X Factor - public rights
    United Kingdom

    the x factor has become an utter joke.
    the four judges has to vote if not they should refer to the public vote which they refused to resulting in a talented singer leaving the competition and the judges favourite staying in although katie cannot sing, dance or perform just a very desperate wannabe.
    if cheryl said she would vote at the end then she should have the x factor got rid of the most talented singer lacking a judge's vote and the public's vote which is so not fare as the public pick up their phones to vote and they have every right to be counted in.
    or everyone should get a full refund.

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