The Women's Care Center / Denied Access to Medical Provider

1 10235 Hickorywood Hill Ave., Ste. A, Huntersville, NC, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 704- 948-9554

The staff is unprofessional. The customer service is poor. I was denied access to my doctor by denial of a requested return phone call. I went to appointment today (4/2/2012) My appointment was changed without my consent due to an office staff error and message was delivered via voicemail with no follow up. On short notice (and its spring break), I brought my toddler in with a 17yr old to watch her in waiting room, I was put off that they couldnt not wait for me in waiting room, while I was being seen. I had previously seen a no children allowed sign in the examination room, but not in the waiting area. Also, there is no information on a no children allowed policy on website or an appopriate channel for grievances. The office manager Tamiko and nurse Tam told me, my toddler can not be in the waiting area, but they could wait outside (IT's RAINING!). There were about six people in waiting area and three people on list ahead of me had the same scheduled appointment time, and one doctor is on duty. So the wait in the rain outside would be atleast 1.5 hrs. I've seen a baby in a carrier previously in the waiting maybe its a discriminary case on whether they like you, the color of your skin, or how they are feeling that morning! You are never seen on time (as to be expected sometimes but all the time... it's a 30-45min wait beyond your appointment). After leaving the business with papers to transfer my case, I called back to leave a messsage for the doctor to call me. I was denied. The nurse told me I didn't have a legitmate medical question, and it's not their policy for doctors to return a phone call. I told her I had a question about gestational diabetes because I wasn't tested for personal reasons, but she still told me "no" and proceeded to tell me I want to discuss what happened in the practice this morning with the doctor. She stated its their policy the doctors have to initiate contact and call you. But, I've been called back by a doctor in previous times. I said "how do you know what I want to ask?" She replied "you just want to talk about this morning." Now I'm denied access to the doctor because of a gatekeeper and I'm still under his care. Obviously to them my prenatal care is secondary to whether or not to resolve a customer complaint. I couldn't locate a grievance policy on their website or any office documents. The office manager is the one who I spoke to over the phone so if she is head of settling grievance complaints, there will not be a resolution.

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