The Window Connection / Bad craftsmenship/Bad Service

Contact information:
Phone: 505-344-1195

When my wife & I first met with the salesman of The Window Connection, he was all VERY helpful, called us back to answer questions & life was great. They were cheaper than any other window company by ALOT & we liked fiberglass framed windows better than vinyl.
So, my wife & I decided to go with The Window Connection. We ordered 24 windows for our
house & the total came out to be around $17, 500 & were required to put down half so that the windows could be ordered. So, we paid half & after about a month & a half the windows came in, but were missing three windows. They went ahead & installed all that they had & we have a stucco home & they just busted LARGE pieces off the house while installing. There are patches all over the house now & it looks like crap. I don't know if this is normal to have pieces of stucco come off your house like that while installing windows. Well anyways, the other three windows took ANOTHER three weeks to come in while we had been calling & leaving messages beacuse they NEVER sealed all the windows they previously installed. They finally installed the other three windows & patched the busted stucco (which looks like CRAP) & our salesman said that we were gonna have a final walk through to makesure everything was right. Well guess what? As soon as the installer was finished, our credit card was charged without us knowing. We just found out last night that is what they did & I was so ANGRY I couldn't sleep. Never heard from them for a final inspection or anything.
Oh & by the way, don't leave any installer at your home without you being there. I had been waking up every night so extreemly hot for like a week & a half beacuse an installer turned our base board heating thermostat up to 80 degrees. Hope this helps.


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