The Whittemore Collectionavoid

The whittemore collection company is definitely a scam. just judging by the website design which is simply awful. now it looks abandoned and empty, but I will tell you more: it has never been a well-structured and well-designed. again, I judge only by what the internet archive says.
They provided an address in rye brook, 4 international drive, suite 300. let's check it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Port Chester, NY
It's said that there's a company with a similar name in the same building (it's called parsons & whittemore), but it's in suite 5.
Speaking of the suite 300, I also found several companies registered there like newtech hydro. please, explain, do all of these companies occupy the same place, the same suite? how is this possible?
Why is it so hard to rent a separate office?
It's very strange. please, avoid them.

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