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I ordered The Wave exercise equipment on May 29, 2009, over the Internet. I was careful not to join any of the additional clubs they offered on the site. I received it in a timely fashion, and I didn't have any complains with the equipment. The videos could be more informative, but that is not my complaint or warning. The problem came when they charged my account for the second payment. I am a school teacher, so I took the 3 payments of $29.95 option. However, when they billed me for my second payment, they took it out six days early which overdrew my account. Therefore, my account was charged an additional fee of $35 for the overdraft. They were not suppose to charge my account until July 1, and I put money in my account on June 27. I checked my account that evening (June 27) to find the charges. To make matters worse I found two more charges of $16.95 a piece. One charge was from Homeplay and the other one was from Essntls for Home; these two charges cost me an additional $35 a piece for the overdaft. I called the 800 number that was after both of them - they were the same number. It was a recording and stated, "Please remain on the line for an additional $4.95 charge, or hang up and call [protected]. The new number is an international phone number which I didn't want to call because you hear horror stories about people being charged thousands of dollars for calling to correct a mixtake someone made. My bank will also charge an additional $1.95 with each charge for using my card outside of the US, and I was sitting at my computer in my PJ's! After I called my bank, I called The Firm to inform them that my card wasn't valid, and that they would have to bill me for my final payment. I also wanted to let them know that they caused my account to go in the red for charging my account six days early. I felt they also needed to know that someone attached a bill to their bill when The Firm processed my card. The lady on the other end was forign, but I could understand the condesending attitude she took and the raised voice. In her words, "They are a third party vendor, and I agreed to join their membership!" When I told her that I didn't, she quickly cut me off, put me on hold, and came back on with another number I could call if I didn't agree with what she said. She said it so fast that I had to ask her to repeat it. I know she gave me a different number because the first time the last number was four, but the second time she said it, she said zero [protected]). I tried the number, but they were close. I could and did leave a message. If they don't call tomorrow, I will call them back tomorrow toward closing time. BEWARE OF ORDERING ANYTHING FROM THE FIRM DIRECT COMPANY!!!

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      Jul 29, 2009

    Amen! I have a similar post under the FIRM compaints.

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      Nov 11, 2009

    My complaint today is about a similar experience. The first thing I will tell anyone is athat I am in total agreement with everything Sparkel stated. Do not under any circumstances order anything from the Firm Direct wave. Do not give them any bank account information or credit card information because they will over charge you and to make matters worse report you to a collection agency if they cannot take the money from you. I've been dealing with this shady company for about 6 months now. I just got off the phone with some foreigner who was very rude and impolite when I attempted to clarify what was owed and for what products was I charged for that I DID NOT ORDER!!! Our conversation went round and round and after telling me telling her I didn't order and her constantly replying "you did" like some childish girl. After the 100th time of tellign her I did'nt order the product and her replying I did. I realized I was getting nowhere. It is a 3rd party involved which alone creates a problem because they are not affiliated with the firm itself. I did not order the the wave board itself but was charged for additional products I did not order but was forced on me to keep. Needless to say I was put in a position where my word is against their word that I didn't order a certain product they sell. I did order the wave, but they sent me stuff I didn't order and when I returned it I got sent a bill anyway. It turns out that the 75.00 sent to a collection agency turned out to be actually 110.00 because they told me I had 2 bills that I did not pay. These people are foreign third party and will take your money. The safest thing to do is go to Walmart and get the wave. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING.

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      May 23, 2010

    I also ordered the wave for two payments of 29.99 and shipping (which turned out to be 19.99) It included the wave, dvds, and bonus dvd of abs and buns and a toning band. I did not reveice the bonuses and had to call. They did not charge for shipping on that. However, a week later I received 5 other dvd's which i did not order. They were part of some club which I KNOW I did not join. I returnde them and was refunded, but not for the shipping - and I had to pay to ship them back. Then, recently when going over my checking account, I found I have been regularly charged (I know, I don't always look) since Feb. a total of 220.33 !!! So after you deduct the 59.90 refund, they still charged me 169.43 for an order that should have been 79.97 with the shipping.
    That is 89.46 OVERCHARGED> I am waiting to see what customer service has to say in response to my email. I will also call, but I know I will get a foreign outsource who will not know what I am talking about.
    I am very disappointed, because I have ordered from the Firm when they were new (1990 ish) and had no problems. If I had known Kmart had it, I would have gone there instead.

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