The Vogue Development Group Inc / new single family home closed without a house number plate

1 Thornhill, ON, Canada
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The Vogue just does an average job with respect to building and the money we paid-CAD$1, 700, 000. Quite a few things were still missing when they did PDI which we told them it's okay to take more time to get them ready instead of rushing close. From the start to the end, it was so hard to communicate with them. Comparing we bought a couple of years back with another builder, Vogue is not professional at all. They do NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT. Just excuses.
We don't even have a house number installed, we along with the neighbors talked to them even the boss about this. And the builder owner Garry replied as"House numbers – we do not install house numbers – not in contract. We do not and have never supplied house numbers unless in contract" It is unacceptable. We are not asking for any fancy stuff, just a standard house number to put on. It is common sense, who think to write down glasses with window, house number with the contract?

Oct 16, 2017

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