The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino / Housekeeping at the Pool

1 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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Phone: (702) 414-1000

On a typical Las Vegas trip for a friends birthday we had reserved rooms at the Venetian and all was well. That is until the last day we were there. On this day we went down to the pool area as we had done before but, when it was coming to closing time we were getting out of the pool, cleaning up and grabbing our belongings. That's when the pool housekeeping came over to our chairs and scooped up our towels without asking while our things were still on them and proceeded on and out of the pool area. At that same time we were looking frantically for Kelli's hearing aids. It was very obvious that they were missing because she couldn't hear anything. It wasn't as if there was much of a time lapse of us realizing they were gone and the gentleman picking them up and putting them in the laundry. Since there was no site of him in the general area we directed our problem to the information desk and anyone employee along the way. Talking to the lost and found people didn't get us very far either because instead of getting in contact with someone or directing us to where the laundry was taken they asked us to fill out forms for the lost hearing aids. Despite the fact that we were losing time in the race to find them we filled them out as fast as humanly possible. They then told us that they would look into it and see what they could do and that they would contact us if anything showed up. Well, not being able to hear is a little more important than a missing sandal or iPod so we ran back in to the pool area and asked security if we could look around some more. No luck what-so-ever at the lounge chairs and I even jumped in the pool at what turned out to be a gum wrapper. Needless to say any attempts at this time were fruitless. So we asked around for some more information and were told that they couldn't call the cleaners because they send the towels out to so many different cleaners because of the large amount of towels that, "it wouldn't help".

That was a long ride home that weekend and once the crying stopped she was very determined to save up the $7000 to $8, 000 to buy new hearing aids because of the severity of her hearing loss. (Side note: hearing loss that she was not born with but, contracted when a Doctor set her down as an infant in a bed next to a highly contagious baby with meningitis. But thats a whole nother complaint that she accepted along time ago) Once we got home we tried to call the Venetian to see if anything had turned up but, they said they hadn't and sorry they couldn't help. You would think that a manager would stepped it up and called someone to run them down before they were shipped to the cleaners or even had people help us look around the pool area but, filling out forms was more important in the heat of the moment.

I can't say I know what its like to not be able to hear anything but, I can see what it has done to Kelli's confidence and general well-being and I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed in The Venetian's ability to even try to help the situation. I don't want to blame the "pool boy" but, he literally took our things right out from underneath us and it was quite a challenge to get passed it all.


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