The Valuebuzz Savings club / Can't printout voucher for Gas Rebate

1 827 w. Grove Ave., Suite 100, Mesa AZ 85210, US
Contact information:
Phone: 480-455-5192

I transoprted car to Florida from Buena Park, CA (Forefield Inc., CT) and the offer was I will get $200 worth of Gas Voucher from The Valuebuss Saving Club. I submitted for Month of 07/2009 for $25 gas voucher with coupon printed from online. I can't print the voucher coupon
for 08/2009 month. I have to purchase $100 worth of gas every month and submit original recepite with voucher to get $25 gas cards (everymonth). I try to call them and phone number doesn't work.

Ghanshyam H. Patel
8184 Maple Drive
Buena Park, CA 90620

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