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I thought I had found a good deal when I bought a cream, Thomasville brand rug, with white circles for $400 at the Valley Outlet but when I took it to be professionally dry cleaned it started bleeding pink dye all over. The store said that neither them or Thomasville would do anything about it. So if you buy a product at that store prepare yourself to be stuck with a piece of junk. There is no return or customer service. You are on your own. Buyer beware! Do not not walk but run from their store!

Feb 23, 2013
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  •   Feb 23, 2013

    Redundant complaint.

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  • Jk
      Feb 26, 2013

    The customer is unfortunately hiding most of the facts. She purchased the rug on 'final closeout' knowing that there was something wrong with it and that no returns or exchanges would be accepted. She haggled with the store owner to go down from our $600 price to $450 (retail is about $1100), and made a last minute $400 offer, which we accepted.

    Corey, the local owner of a Chem-Dry, received a call from her roughly a month after purchase describing pink spots forming on the rug after she tried to clean it herself. Turns out the spotting is probably from dog urine reacting with a cleaning substance, according to Corey. We learned about all this a good 50-60 days after purchase when we got notice of 'claimed fraudulent charges' on her Discover card. Only once did she attempt to contact us about a return; the owner politely reminded her about the final sale they agreed on, and that was the last we heard until the charge-back notice.

    I feel that we respected all her requests and dealt with the constant haggling (on many, many items) in a professional manner. I can't think of a single time that any employee was cross or impatient. This is an unfortunate case of malicious intent on the part of a consumer who feels wronged. I felt like sharing our side not to attack the customer, but to show the online community the other side of the story. I proudly stand behind our employees and our product.

    -Jake, Store Manager, The Valley Outlet

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  • ...right on Jake. This 'customers" complaint should be removed from the site. She should also invest in pee pads for her dogs, available at any local pet supply store. Talk about being pissed off!

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