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As I checked this out further the next day after a Knoxville presentation (120 Center Park Dr, Knoxville, 37922, [protected], I am sure it is a scam and I cannot get any response via phone.
(another ph # [protected]). Only can leave a message or send an e-mail). I feel very foolish in not discerning it. Free plane tickets were offered but not given, but substituted for a lower price of package.

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  • Pw
      Oct 27, 2010

    Totally agree. We went yesterday in response to free air tickets. We did NOT purchase anything as thankfully my husband caught on to this 'To good to be true' scenario immediately. They look very fly by night. There are a few pictures on the walls and some basic furniture but nothing that couldn't be removed in one evening. They have NO BBB reports to show, NO letterhead, business cards or ANYTHING with their name printed on it. They give a brief presentation telling you everything you want to hear and expect you to hand over $8995. However, they dropped the price in one 90 minute period from the initial, $8995, to $6995, to $5995 to $2995. We figured they were willing to take anything they could get and unfortunately we saw one couple head off to an office to 'fill out the paperwork' and when we left, there was one more couple still deciding. As we left we drove around the back of the building and although they're out of Charleston South Carolina the cars parked back there were from Alabama, West VA, North Carolina and only one from TN, NONE from SC.

    BUYER BEWARE! We plan on driving by 120 Center park Drive again in another month or so and firmly expect them to be gone, lock stock and barrel.

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  • Rb
      Dec 28, 2010

    We were one of the stupid ones we purchased the pck for $5, 000 and so far NOTHING they offered is valid. I have family in MA and they offered last minute weekend away for under $300.00 to Ma including 3 nights hotel.
    When I try to choose a weekend away it said I have to give 90 day notice thats not a weekend away. I tried to book a condo in Wa by Seattle and there isn't any. Also I cannot get any one to talk to only recorders. Lets talk about that balcony cruise for under $600 if you people have booked it tell me how as the ones that I look at is 1400. + dollars . I am so pissed that we were scammed.

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  • Ch
      Jan 06, 2011

    We also purchased the "deal" from The Vacation Station" in their Knoxville presentation. We got them down to $2, 000, but it still hurts. We don't know if it's a good deal or not since no one has EVER returned our numerous calls. in over two month! We've been nice, then cross, then threatening, and STILL no response. STAY AWAY from The Vacation Station.

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  • Th
      Feb 28, 2011

    Hi, So far weve had no issues. They got us great rates at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. We just booked a cruise and air through them. Weve never had a problem getting ahold of someone. We were very worried at first. I hope they are not a scam because i have no problems resolving issues face to face with my best friend who is a detective at the Police department here...

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  • We
      Mar 22, 2011

    We went to a presentation in charleston. When we declined the price suddenly began to drop dramatically . It started at 5995 and ended at 1995 dollars.

    I felt like I was buying a car. They evensaid they would discount even further because I was a retired nurse.

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  • 2m
      Apr 18, 2011

    Vacation Station rep bribed us into spending 45 mins to hear their "deal" while we were in Savannah GA this past weekend. They gave us a dinner voucher for $75.00 at Tubby's on River St, a $75.00 check written directly to my husband, a 2 for 1 entree card which was to be redeemable at "all historic restaurants" and a 4 day-3 night "free" weekend getaway. While we didn't buy anything from Vacation Station we have since learned that all of their "free" gifts are fake - specifically from the Manager of Tubby's - he'd never even heard of them and confirmed that the voucher wasnt worth the paper it was written on.

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  • Ra
      Apr 19, 2011

    I recently visited Charleston (I had a wonderful time) and had the experience of being shanghaied by a sidewalk salesman from the Vacation Station. My wife and I were invited to a presentation on a vacation club that was going to save us tons of money on trips, sounds good! I figured she was just playing around and we would leave and not return. After negotiating through dinner vouchers, free tours etc. he finally said the magic word, cash. They promised us $125 to sit through the presentation. We entered the office and I immediately noticed how fly by night the operation looked, the scam flags went up. The supposed CEO of the company appeared and delivered a slick, professional, high pressure PowerPoint presentation. During the presentation he dumped loads of numbers on us including membership fees ($7995.00) and the number of members they had, supposedly 44, 000. A little quick math told us that this operation was bringing in well over $300, 000, 000.00 on memberships alone, yeah right. Nothing added up so we sat until the end then told them we couldn't afford it and left. On the way out I picked up a check for $125.00 and walked across the street to their bank and cashed it. This operation is a total scam but if you want to sit down for an hour and you are tired of bars it was amusing and we got enough out of them to buy a nice dinner even at Charleston prices. Bottom line with this sort of thing... if the product is good and the company and client are getting a good value then there is no reason why it needs to be purchased right now to get the offered price. Any time you hear that it is a rip off as there is no logical other explanation why today's price would not still be good tomorrow.

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  • Br
      Apr 28, 2011

    unfortunately we are among the stupid ones. High pressure sales, don't let you leave until a better offer is given. So far I can't reach anyone at 966-7019 and none of the promises they made have happened. I've tried to book condo's, cruises, and hot deals to vegas. None of that has happened, however I have booked on my own for less than anything they can get. Some one needs to shut them down. Maybe we could get some kind of class action going. Theres no doubt this is a scam.

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  • Tn
      Jun 05, 2011

    I attended a presentation on Savannah GA. The $8995 + $399 doc fee + $199/yr service fee droppped down to $6995 with same fees for "today" along with other "benefits". When this did not work I was offered a 1 week condo stay yearly for $3995 + doc + S. fee. It eventually got down to $1500 without the doc or yearly service fee for "today" only. It was morning and I assumed today was all day. I could come back and get the deal later. I checked and did not get any response from phone number.
    I decided this was a scam!

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  • Cs
      Jun 20, 2011

    I received a telemarketing call from Vacation Station to receive a 3 day 2 night stay (arrive after 4pm & check out by 11am - not really 3 days) at Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells if I would pay $139 (Rooms run around $135/night) and attend their time share presentation. I would also receive a $75 Amex gift card usable anywhere. When I called to schedule my date of arrival, I was told that it was all taken care of and to just arrive at the hotel at my specified time. I called the day before my arrival to get directions to the hotel and found that Vacation Station had never booked my room. I called Vacation Station and was told that it was too late for them to book my room even though there were still rooms available at the hotel. It was agreed that I would book my own room and attend their presentation (for a Wyndham Ownership) and I would be refunded the $139 that I had paid plus receive $150 Amex instead of $75. My card has still not been refunded, and I get no answer other than voicemail at Vacation Station [protected]).

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  • Ve
      Jul 19, 2011

    Like the comment that was made before mine I leave messages for this so-called buisiness and I get no returned calls. Over a year ago I payed $69 for a 4 day 3 night stay in Sedona, AZ. Vacation Station stated I had 2 years to use my vacation. In exchange we had to attend a sales presentation. I call to book my reservation and I am told by the resort in Sedona that they are no longer affiliated with this company. So I try contacting vacation station for a refund at [protected] and all I get is a voicemail with no returned calls after repeatedly calling for 3 weeks. This company is a joke. Buyer beware. It was only $69 but it was my $69 and they pretty much have stolen it from me. I am considering taking legal action against these people.

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