The UPS Storeowner

I walked into his store and asked to have a title notarized. The lady went and told the guy at his desk what I neede. The guy walked up and I said I need my signature notarized on my title. I handed him the title and he looked it over and asked for my id. I handed it to him and he then gave back my id and said go ahead and sign the title. I printed my name and signed it and gave it back to him. He then asked where is the buyer. I said was not there and showed him on the title where it states that the notary if for the sellers signature only. He said I need the buyer and his id to verify. I again said no it states that the noatary is for the sellers signature only. He said he would not sign it. I told him he was wrong and he said he would not sign it. I told him he was stupid for not telling me that and having me sign it. I went to another notary and she told me she could not notarize it because it was already signed. She said go back to the ups store and explain to him that he witnessed the signature so he needed to notarize it that she could not. I went back and asked the lady to talk to the guy I talked to earlier. He came up and I said the other notary said she could not verify it because she did not witness me sign it. That as it states on the title it is for the sellers signature only not the buyer. He said he would not sign it. I asked him if he was the manager and he said not only is he the manager but he was the owner. I told him that he was a stupid [censored] for not knowing how to notarize a title and that he ruined my title because he had me sign it plus he had me sign the log book then tells me he won't sign it. As I was walking out the door he yelled as loud as he could and told me to suck his [censored]. I opened the front door back up and said what and he again told me to suck his [censored]. I told him that I can't believe he would tell one of your customers that and to have no respect for the female employee that was present. I'm not only in shock that a ups owner would say that to a customer but am also worried that a person that losses control like that has my address and phone number. I had to tell my kids not to answer the door and keep everything locked up. I take this matter very seriously and am reaching out to not only ups but other routes also in the local area from the chamber of commerce, the state in charge of notary and safety steps I must take.

Brian Adrian

Jun 04, 2018

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